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Anti-Doping Rules

The Bermuda Triathlon Association unequivocally supports drug-free sport, and efforts both locally and internationally to eradicate drug cheating in sport.

Accordingly, all athletes, coaches, officials, parents and other members under the jurisdiction of the Bermuda Triathlon Association are bound by the provisions of the WADA Code, and the rules and procedural guidelines of WADA and of its local affiliate, the Bermuda Sport Anti Doping Authority (BSADA).

The acceptance by the Bermuda Triathlon Association of any person’s application for membership (in whatever capacity – athlete, coach, official, support personnel, family supporter) shall constitute acceptance by that member that he/she is bound by, and subject to, the Anti-Doping Rules of the International Triathlon Union (the ITU, being the world governing body for the sport of Triathlon, Duathlon and other multi-sports) to which the Bermuda Triathlon Association is affiliated, BSADA and the Bermuda Olympic Association.

The Bermuda Triathlon Association is also a signatory to the BSADA Domestic Programme which seeks to eradicate the use of illicit drugs in sport, and therefore agrees with and accepts its responsibility to all procedural requirements in support of this programme as outlined in the BSADA Standard Operating Procedures.

For more information please visit Bermuda Sport Anti-Doping Authority

Competition Rules

The Bermuda Triathlon Association Competition Rules (BTA Rules) follow the International Triathlon Union (ITU) Age Group, non-drafting rules as closely as possible. The BTA Rules are a combination of those ITU rules as well as the BTA’s adaptations or amendments that will apply to races held in Bermuda.
In the case of a draft legal race in Bermuda, the ITU Elite or age group drafting rules (as applicable) will apply.
The ITU rules can be found on the ITU website. The ITU rules are updated from time to time as the need arises and the BTA shall abide by, and apply, those updates. The Bermuda Triathlon Association Rules have been updated as of 31 March 2019. The updated version of the BTA Competition Rules are available for download below.

  • BTA Competition Rules - Updated as of 31 March 2019 Download icon Download

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