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Here are the results achieved on 14 August 2010 by the Bermuda juniors competing in the USAT Youth National Championships in San Diego, USA.

The individual results are listed below.

You can find the results of the relays by opening the attachments at the foot of this page. Team Bermuda comprised Molly Pilgrim, Mark Godfrey and Nico Barclay (numbers 51, 52 and 53, respectively). In addition, Kamryn Minors and Justin Ferreira took part in the Monterey Bay E team (with numbers 431 and 432, with their team mate–whose name we don’t know–being number 433.)

Female Youth Elite (out of 50)

Molly Pilgrim – 18th in a time of 37.32
Gabriella Arnold – 25th in a time of 38.06
Annabella Doyle – 30th in a time of 38.47
Kamryn Minors – 44th in a time of 44.31

Male Youth Elite (out of 70)

Mark Godfrey – 31st in a time of 37.17
Nico Barclay – 44th in a time of 38.01
Justin Ferriera – 48th in a time of 38.25

Female 11-12 (out of 44)

Jessie Godfrey – 27th in a time of 43.08
Tristan Narraway – 28th in a time of 43.09

Male 11-12 (out of 48)

Charlie Pilgrim – 8th in a time of 34.54

Male 9 -10 (out of 50)

Alex Pilgrim – 2nd* in a time of 19.32

*As it was the US National Championships, Alex was not eligible for the second place award. However, the USAT was gracious enough to recognize Alex as the second placed triathlete in the age group.

Male 7-8 (out of 33)

Nicholas Pilgrim – 10th in a time of 25.12
Nicholas Narraway – 18th in a time of 27.16

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