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The Labour Day triathlon for 2014 took place at Harrington Sound Dock on Monday 1 September, and was kindly hosted and timed by executive committee member Tim Goodyer. There was a small field, partly because a number of local stalwarts were in Edmonton taking part in the age group world events. The foul weather until the night before–which thankfully abated before Monday morning–will also have deterred some triathletes.

Well done to Derek Atkins, our race winner, who also had the fastest bike split. Derek is an accomplished long distance triathlete who has, I believe, completed 5 Ironman events. In second place was Tim Patterson, who also had the fastest swim and run legs. Matthew Spencer–better known on the hockey field–placed an impressive third. Well done to Cora-Lee Starzomski, who was the female winner.

It’s nice to notice that more than half of the entrants have taken part in some of the Argo Re Summer Series super sprints this year. Some–like Derek–no doubt did so as training events, but there are a number of others who have used the super sprints as a base from which to to start, and are now moving up to the longer distances. Litanya Smith epitomises this. She was decidedly nervous during what was, for her, a long swim, but she hung in there and finished the event.
Position    Name                Finish Time
1     Derek Atkins                1:07:28
2     Tim Patterson               1:09:22
3     Matthew Spencer          1:11:59
4     Cora-Lee Starzomski     1:12:53
5     Melissa Logie               1:13:13
6     Ben Wright                   1:16:38
7     Dave Soutter                 1:17:14
8     Charles Leonard            1:18:27
9     Liz Stewart                   1:21:16
10   Thomas Hands              1:25:58
11    Barb McPhee               1:29:38
12    Nancy Stevens             1:35:00
13    Litanya Smith               1:53:49
14    Charmaine Smith         1:58:22
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