Bermuda Triathlon Association - Labour Day Home Triathlon–2015

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Steve Petty (left) seems to be asking himself why he does these things called triathlons! Don’t we all sometimes? But I am sure he’s still grateful to Ben Wright. Ben was kind enough to arrange this year’s Labour Day Home Triathlon on Monday 7 September 2015. Thanks also to everyone who helped him.

Ben wrote:

Congratulations to Evan Naude and Cora Lee Starzomski who were the male and female winners of the Labour Day Home Event at Harrington Sound School Dock. Despite a strong breeze and rain showers passing through, 19 athletes turned out for the race. Special mention to Matthew Viney and Matt Enright who completed their first sprints and to Gareth Cooper (right) who was the only junior to brave the conditions!

The results (also attached) were:

Name Swim Finish Bike Finish* Run Finish*
Evan Naude 12.35 44.02 1.01.33
Steve Smith 14.09 46.28 1.07.00
Tim Patterson 13.30 47.25 1.08.28
Cora Lee Starzomksi 12.24 46.24 1.09.51
Mike Toyer 14.05 50.00 1.13.26
Steven Petty 13.21 48.41 1.16.43
David Sutor 15.45 53.07 1.17.00
Charlie Duffy 17.17 54.25 1.18.00
Kim McIvor 15.04 53.25 1.18.53
Matthew Viney 17.20 56.37 1.21.25
Maria Duffy 18.54 58.25 1.23.27
Carolyn Conway 16.17 57.49 1.24.44
Tracey Nash 16.45 57.44 1.24.44
Steve O’Reilly 18.30 59.35 1.24.45
Matt Enright 21.24 1.06.48 1.35.57
Other Distances
Gareth Cooper 6.57 23.00 31.45 Junior short distance
Tom Hands 16.24 45.00 1.12.16 Short bike due to flat
Nancy Hands 18.58 47.21 Swim/Run only
Jenn Wilson 14.45 50.00 1.14.12 Short swim/late start
*Times are cumulative


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