Bermuda Triathlon Association - Labour Day Home Triathlon – 2013 Results

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The 2013 Labour Day Home Triathlon enjoyed wonderful conditions and a wonderful turnout. Congratulations to our overall male and female race winners, Even Naude and Laura Norman, and to the fastest junior, namely Alex Pilgrim.

A big thank you to Patty Petty and Tim Goodyer of the BTA Executive, as well as to anyone who helped them, for ensuring that the event ran smoothly. Thanks in particular to Patty for capturing the times; you can find a summary below and the detailed splits are available in the “splits” tab of the attached spreadsheet (go to the foot of the page and download it using the down arrow.)
Best of luck to the many BTA entrants in the upcoming “Worlds”!

Place Name                 Finish Time Comment
1        Evan Naude        0:57:18        1st Male (Fastest Run)
2        Geoff Smith        0:59:02        Fastest Bike
3        Dan DeGiorgio        1:00:30
4        Barry Murphy        1:01:02
5        Tim Goodyer         1:02:15
6        Seamus Fearon        1:03:42
7        Matt Thompson        1:04:09
8        Dennis Fagundo        1:04:50
9        Jonny Betts        1:05:51
10        Alex Pilgrim        1:06:16        1st Junior (under 16)
11        Karl Wilson        1:06:19
12        Steven Smith        1:08:35
13        Bryce Williams        1:08:55
14        Laura Norman        1:09:26        1st Female
15        Michael Toyer        1:09:50
16        Heather Cooper        1:10:56
17        Stuart Palmer        1:11:07
18        Steven Petty        1:11:43
19        Andrew Davis        1:12:32
20        Sharon Hammond1:12:38
21        Chris Smith        1:13:22
22        Charlie Duffy        1:14:00
23        Randolph Smith         1:16:10
24        Joel Matthews        1:16:16
25        Deanna Didyk        1:16:42
26        Lizzy Peckett        1:17:11
27        Matthew Claridge1:17:30        Puncture on bike
28        Tim Patterson        1:19:09
29        Jen Wilson        1:19:34
30        Nancy Swart        1:20:31
31        Alex Wilberz        1:20:52
32        Deb Pharoah Williams 1:23:02
33        Caleb/Tammy Ingham1:27:41        Team Entrants
34        Kandis Matthews1:30:44
35        Kerre Ventner        1:38:37
36        Kate Daly                1:43:17
Other Distances:
  Name                 Total Time
 Mark Robinson        0:39:49No Run
 Lucy Parker        1:07:44Short Swim
  Lisa Blackburn         0:37:17 Swim and run only Fastest Swim
 Duncan Scott        0:46:22No Run
 Howard Williams 0:56:55No Run
 Mike Schindel        0:12:33Swim only
  Nick Pilgrim         0:14:13 Swim only

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