Bermuda Triathlon Association - Labour Day Home Triathlon – 2011

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Held on 5 September 2011 starting at the Harrington Sound School Dock.
Many thanks to Tony Hall and Lynden Rowe for stepping in as impromptu Race Directors, and in particular to Tony for sending these results.
Congratulations to all who took part. There are a number of new names in the list below, and several others who have taken part in the very short Thursday night Super Sprint events but were taking part in a longer event for the first time. Well done — great to see! Welcome to triathlon in Bermuda and we hope you keep it up.
Please write to me at [email protected] if I’ve spelled your name incorrectly below. I’d be pleased to correct it.
1 Mark Wilcox 1:00:59
2 Kevin Tucker 1:05:28
3 Justin Ferreira 1:07:25
4 Dennis Fagundo 1:08:35
5 Johan Vivier 1:09:07
6 Chris Harkness 1:10:22
7 Nuri Latham 1:11:11
8 Matthew Claridge 1:15:53
9 Nerissa Simmons 1:17:41
10 Rafael Simons 1:19:34
11 Catherine Prendiville 1:20:04
12 Lorna Hussey 1:21:47
13 John Thompson 1:22:20
14 Jen Wilson 1:23:08
15 Daryl Alexander 1:23:46
16 Lynden Rowe 1:24:27
17 Chris Smith 1:24:38
18 Charlie Duffy 1:24:57
19 Jo Allitt 1:30:52
20 Elinor Lucas 1:32:57
21 Helene Simmons 1:33:20
22 Madelein Schreuder 1:33:56
23 Anant Borole 1:43:50
24 Dawn Johnson 1:47:33
25 Charmaine Smith 1:49:35

Short Run
Duncan Scott 1:10:45

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