Bermuda Triathlon Association - Argo Re Summer Series – 9 June 2011

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GOOD NEWS: there was an incredible field – possibly a record for this event – of 53 participants.
BAD NEWS: there was a technical hitch with the timing (apparently someone pressed stop instead of split at a critical moment) so we only have the finishing order, not the times.
200m swim/8K bike/2K run

Travis Cooper
Justin Ferreira
Craig Rothwell
Ian Pilgrim
Matt Fisher
Duncan Scott
Michael Toyer
Rachel Rothwell
Daryl Alexander
Jessie Godfrey
Graeme Bird
Tristan Narraway
Louise Legg
Sharon Hammond
Laura Hope
Alyssa Rowse
Kendra Dowling
Simon Fraser
Lynden Rowe
David Hope
Hilary Stoddart
Caleb Simmons
Lisa Latham
Rebecca Christie
Shannon Hassell/Tina Rowse/Shaun Hassell (Team)
Jo Allitt
Narissa Simmons
Helene Simmons

Also competing at this distance but unsure of finishing position was Rebecca
100m swim/5K bike/1K run

Alex Pilgrim
Jude Moseley
Nick Pilgrim
Andrea Proctor
Rudi Hammond
Kimiko Scotland
Jack Thorpe
Yannick Hillier
Mercedes Correia
Jonah Stephens
Seth Correia
Louis Hammond
Charlie Thorpe
Finn Moseley
Jane Thorpe
Sahai Latham
Charlie Davis

Also competing at this distance although we are unsure of their finishing
positions were: Nicholas Narraway, Jayson Hassell, Mustafa Ingham, Nicola
Davis and Chance Anthony.

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