Bermuda Triathlon Association - Argo Re Summer Series–9 July 2015

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Seasoned athlete Evan Naude won this week’s race, held in good conditions. Young Alex Pilgrim gave him a good battle during the swim and bike legs, eventually finishing just over a minute behind. Tim Palmer–not quite such a youngsterwas the third individual finisher.

Among the ladies, the top three finishers were Laura Hope, Lea Osbourne and Jessie Marshall, in that order. Laura was in a hurry to finish so that she could shower, change and then cheer for her dad, David, at the finish (the days when Dave would wait for Laura at the end are long gone). Lea lives in Switzerland these days, but is a regular return visitor. Rumours that she comes back mainly to compete for podium places in this race are exaggerations. Probably. Jessie is a capable young athlete who (like her brother Tommy) could excel in triathlon if she decides to pursue it. (Perhaps they’ll get mum Julie to take part next week?)

An honourable mention goes to Liana Medeiros, who improved by over two minutes (ably supported by mum Joanne).

Six year old Logan Cabral was very excited–and why not–to be first across the line, taking part in the short race. Mum Vivienne Lockhead was an able bodyguard and finished immediately behind him.

A big thank you this week to Donna Pilgrim (our bike marshal), Ian Pilgrim (for help with set up, registration and timing) and Charlie Griffiths (for collecting the swim buoy).

250m swim/3 lap bike/2 lap run
1 23:41 Evan Naude
2 24:53 Alex Pilgrim
3 25:41 Team Naude (Riaan swim & bike, Sam run)
4 26:46 Tim Palmer
5 27:06 Charlie Griffiths
6 27:20 Nick Pilgrim
7 27:37 Otis Ingham
8 27:58 Gerhard Boonstra
9 28:30 Tommy Marshall
10 28:58 Sergio Edness
11 29:29 David Soutter
12 29:35 Laura Hope
13 30:21 Lea Osbourne
14 30:48 Jessie Marshall
15 30:59 Claude Jean
16 31:04 Wenda Roberts
17 32:09 Elizabeth Harris
18 32:41 Lara Rogers
19 32:59 Christine Soutter
20 35:02 David Hope
21 37:00 Liana Medeiros
22 41:18 Litanya Smith
100m swim/2 laps bike/1 lap run
1 21:47 Logan Cabral
2 21:48 Vivienne Lockhead
Other Distances
Not timed Joanne Medeiros No swim/3 laps bike/2 laps run

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