Bermuda Triathlon Association - Argo Re Summer Series – 7 July 2011

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Apologies if anyone’s name is spelled incorrectly; I’ve entered the names as they were given to me. Feel welcome to draw my attention to any corrections needed.

Please note that when we have large entry numbers, we have to use a ticket system to control the timing. if you do not return your ticket number to the race timer at the end, we will be unable to record your time.

200m swim/8km cycle/2km run  
24:36    Nico Barclay
24:45    Justin Ferreira
27:17    Gabriella Arnold
27:18    Johan Vivier
28:11    Alex Pilgrim
28:16    Tony Hall
29:21    Martina Olcheski
30:11    Claire de Ste Croix
30:20    Rachel Rothwell
30:20    Ben Wright
31:00    Daryl Alexander
31:42    Sharon Craig
31:45    Nerissa Simmons
32:10    Karen Peckett
32:10    Tristan Narraway
32:11    Jessie Godfrey
32:36    Lorna Hussey
33:19    Lizzie Peckett
33:29    Carol Dixon
34:02    Caleb Simmons
34:02    David Hope
34:18    Andrea Proctor
34:27    Will Peckett
34:41    Laura Hope
34:43    Peter Stablefor
35:57    Kendra Dowling
36:02    Rebecca Harrison
36:02    Alyssa Rowse
39:20    Rebecca Christie
DNF    Charlie Pilgrim
DNF    Alex Godfrey
Not timed    Simon Fraser

100m swim/5.2K bike/1K run 
20:02    Zion Dowling
20:12    Nicholas Pilgrim
22:28    Nicholas Narraway
22:55    Mustaafa Ingham
23:51    Kirsty Pollett
24:07    Aaron Rattery
25:46    Donna Smith
26:24    Imogen Peckett
27:13    Angus Betts
30:19    Connie Betts
33:10    Micha Rattery
33:19    Charlotte Peckett
Not timed    Gareth Cooper
Not timed    Rory Pollett

Other Distances 
29:02    de Ste Croix team         Cameron 8km cycle/Max 2km run
28:35    Emma Osborne            100m swim/1 bike lap/1 run lap
Lesley Page                 200m swim/8km cycle
Scott Gilbertson            100m swim/no bike/2 run laps

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