Bermuda Triathlon Association - Argo Re Summer Series – 6 Oct 2011

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This was scheduled to be the final event of the summer. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate. On a very windy and occasionally rainy day, about a dozen stalwarts turned up. After a quick discussion, there was a consensus decision to cancel the Super Sprint.
A few die hards decided to do shorter distances. The results are shown below (thanks to Rebecca Christie for recording and sending them.)
In closing for this season, a huge thank you to our sponsors, Argo Re, without whom this year’s series could not have been such a resounding success. We have had record numbers this year, and because of the enthusiasm of participants we have continued the series for far longer than usual.
Additional thanks to
  • Ian Pilgrim, who shared with me the responsibility for organising the season’s events and still found time to take part in quite a few of them,
  • Tony Hall and Lynden Rowe for standing in on the couple of occasions that neither Ian nor I could attend,
  • Janet Harrison. She turned up for all but one of the races, and once again helped ensure racers’ safety by marhalling the cycle turn,
  • All those who helped with timing. At the risk of leaving anyone out, particular thanks to Donna Pilgrim and Trina Godfrey,
  • Earl Baisden, for his interest in the sport and for posting the results and sometimes photos on his great site, and
  • Last but not least, all those who took part, young and old. Your enthusiasm has made it a pleasure for us to arrange these events. We hope to see you all again next year – watch the website for details!
All the best and good luck to those taking part in the Bank of Bermuda Foundation and SheRox events,
3 laps bike, 2 laps run
1. Alex McManus     23.24
2. Daryl Alexander    25.10
3. Hilda Storey         27.48
4. Jo Allitt                30.26

Other distances

3 laps bike only
Joe Hawkins             19.11

3 laps bike, 1 lap run
Dave Hope                26.25

2 laps bike, 1 lap run
Rebecca Harrison     26.25
Laura Hope              26.25

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