Bermuda Triathlon Association - Argo Re Summer Series — 6 August 2015

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The summer series resumed in good conditions on 6 August after a one-week hiatus due to Cup Match. As usual the race was held in good humour, with athletes ranging in age from the evergreen Kent Richardson to young Maria Ramirez (pictured), who was once again cheered on by Dad Armando–this time joined by (I think) her Mum. The small field was typical for a post holiday race, but was boosted by very welcome tourists from Calgary (the German family) and DC (the Bakers, who are repeat visitors to the island).


Congratulations to race winner Chris Hands, who edged out Kent Richardson. In third overall and the first female finisher was Lynsey Palmer, who finished strongly despite a tumble getting onto the bike at speed.

In the short race, Nico Davies finished first and looked very capable. Jasmine Hasselkus, fresh from an admirable first place finish overseas, was the first female home and was second overall. Jake Smith suggested that he may be a chip off the old (sorry, Geoff) block by coming third despite taking a wrong turn on the run course.

An honourable mention to Litanya Smith–sub 40 at last. Woo hoo! Well done.

A big thank you to Scott Gilbertson for keeping the athletes safe at the cycle turn, to an anonymous person (see below) for helping with sign-up, to Kent Richardson and (I think it was) Matt Thompson for placing and collecting the swim buoy, to Tim Palmer for helping me to record the times at the end, and to everyone else who pitched in to help.

Finally, one of our regulars decided that she didn’t need to be aerodynamic and so wore her helmet backwards. (This was after she retrieved her bike shoes from the car, mid-way through the race. She blamed me, because she did interrupt her race set up to help me by writing down the race entries.) I would probably embarrass her if I were to name her.

So I won’t ==>

I’ll be away for the next couple of weeks, but will arrange for folks to kindly look after the races while I’m away. Enjoy!

The results were:
200m swim/8km bike/2km run      

1    26:10    Chris Hands
2    26:16    Kent Richardson
3    28:51    Lynsey Palmer
4    29:18    Dirk Hasselkus
5    29:23    Sergio Edness
6    29:59    Steve O’Reilly
7    30:15    Steve German
8    30:37    Wenda Roberts
9    32:27    Liz Stewart
10    32:59    Nancy Stevens
11    33:15    Jennifer Baker
12    33:15    Rick Baker
13    39:01    Dawn Johnson
14    39:22    Litanya Smith

100m swim/5.6km bike/1km run
1    20:07    Nico Davies
2    21:57    Jasmine Hasselkus
3    22:00    Jake Smith
4    22:14    Ethan Thompson
5    25:05    Jessie German
6    31:23    Maria Ramirez

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