Bermuda Triathlon Association - Argo Re Summer Series – 5 September 2013

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There was a relatively small field of 14 for this, the 16th race of the season. A major factor was probably that it was just three days after the Labour Day race, which enjoyed a huge attendance for a home event. Pity; the conditions were ideal, with cooler weather and no wind. For the second week in a row, the threatened thunder only materialised later in the evening.

Alan Gilbertson organised the race, while Tammy Ingham kindly protected the athletes as marshal at the bike turn. Thanks to everyone else for pitching in to help!
Well done to Alex Pilgrim and Sharon Hammond, the leading male and female finishers (not for the first time this season.) Stuart Palmer edged Otis Ingham for second place thanks to a strong run; Otis had an excellent bike ride after a much improved swim. Nick Pilgrim achieved line honours, and a personal best time, in the short race.

Position Time Name
200m swim/8km (3 laps) bike/ 2km (2 laps) run
1 25:51 Alex Pilgrim
2 26:52 Stuart Palmer
3 27:10 Otis Ingham
4 28:23 Sharon Hammond
5 28:41 Carlo Pinardi
6 29:46 Deanna Didyk
7 32:40 Deborah Pharaoh-Williams
8 33:10 Nancy Swart
9 35:16 Sharon Austin
10 36:21 Donnie Francis
100m swim/5.6km (2 laps) bike/ 1km (1 lap) run
1 17:17 Nick Pilgrim
2 18:26 Alex Southern
3 18:30 Rudi Hammond
4 22:04 Louis Hammond
Other Distances

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