Bermuda Triathlon Association - Argo Re Summer Series – 4 September 2014

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Tonight’s Argo Re Super Sprint took place in nearly perfect conditions. The winds and rain of August had thankfully disappeared, and the athletes’ only complaint was, inevitably, that it was hot.

Derek Atkins won his second race within less than a week (he also won Monday’s Labour Day home triathlon.) He would have made it a hat trick but for a wrong turn while leading in this event last week. Byron Rencken pushed him hard and finished a strong second. Otis Ingham continued his string of podium places in third. An honourable mention to Romar Douglas, who wasn’t too far behind Otis.

Among the ladies, Natalie Luthi was a comfortable winner. Laura Hope, who has been coming to this race since she was a very young girl indeed, finished second. Elizabeth Stewart was third, despite running 10km earlier today.
In the shorter race, Sharon Dublin was first home while the very, very young Lucas Lightbourne was the first (and only) male finisher.

NB: Earl Basden attended tonight’s event and took photos (and also brought a youngster with an waterproof camera, so some of the swim pictures were taken underwater, a first for this event). Please visit and go to the triathlon section to see Earl’s pictures (he’ll post them after he receives this report, so it may take a little while.)
Lots of thank yous this week: to Robyn Hayes to helping with sign up and, along with Lucrecia Ming and Jane Hope, helping during timing; Victor Ruberry for zooming to act as bike marshal after doing the swim, to Jennie Lightbourne for placing and recovering the swim buoy–and not least to young Lucas Lightbourne for pumping up the swim buoy! Thanks also to everyone else who helped with set up and take down.
This race isn’t all about winning. Well done to:
  • Two total novices to triathlon. Junior Watts happened to be in the neighbourhood for last week’s event, asked what all the fuss was about, and decided to find out for himself this week. Sarah Farr arrived with her swim coach in tow (surely a first), survived what she found a nerve-wracking swim, and finished the overall event strongly.
  • Several people who achieved personal bests. I don’t know all of them, but I did notice that Marie Taylor set a new PB; Judith Howe Tucker (who was finishing in over 40 minutes early in the season) finished in just over 37 minutes; and Litanya Smith broke the 40 minute mark–comfortably–for the first time, despite a pronounced limp. Well done to them and others who set improved times.
  • Lucrecia Ming, who proudly told me that she’d now learned to swim–and proved it by finishing the swim leg without putting her feet down for the first time.
  • David Hope. Dave, I thought I’d hear all the possible excuses for taking a nap during a race, but well done for finding a new one. (He stopped to pick up Byron’s bike computer during the cycle leg. He tells me that that probably added 4-5 minutes to his time.)
  • And last but not least, congratulations to Gerhard and Lara Boonstra, who eloped to New York to get married recently. (There are worse reasons to have missed some of the Super Sprints.)
I guess you want the results? Here they are:

200m swim/3laps bike/2 laps run
Time    Name
1    25:10    Derek Atkins
2    25:51    Byron Rencken
3    26:11    Otis Ingham
4    26:32    Romar Douglas
5    28:43    Gerhard Boonstra
6    28:57    Charles Leonard
7    29:07    Natalie Luthi
8    29:17    Richard Hammond
9    30:28    Laura Hope
10    31:11    Elizabeth Stewart
11    31:18    Rudi Hammond
12    31:50    Lara Boonstra
13    32:14    Eddie Fisher
14    32:27    Marie Taylor
15    32:57    Sarah Farr
16    34:27    Dave Hope
17    36:33    Louis Hammond
18    36:50    Kirstie Jones
19    36:58    Junior Watts
20    37:04    Judith Howe Tucker
21    39:35    Litanya Smith

100m swim/2 laps bike/1 lap run
1    29:00    Sharon Dublin
2    29:54    Kaylin Davy
3    36:49    Lucas Lightbourne
4    36:49    Jennie Lightbourne

Other distances
21:31    Cyprian Zimecki    Extra long swim/no bile/2 laps run
Robyn Hayes        Run only (self timed)
Lucrecia Ming       Swim only
Angie Alvares        200m swim…5 times

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