Bermuda Triathlon Association - Argo Re Summer Series – 30 May 2013

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This was the third race in the series, and for the third time in a row we were lucky with the weather. Adam Petty (1st to finish) and Rebecca Harrison (3rd, behind Adam’s dad, Steven) continued their monopoly as fastest male and female finisher respectively. Well done! Rebecca knocked well over a minute off her prior week’s time. If she continues to improve at this rate, she’ll be a contender in the longer races before long.
The field was smaller than usual, but it was nice to see so many people record improved times. It’s dangerous to single people out based on a quick scan of the times (and apologies if I miss naming someone deserving), but Randolph Smith and Alex Southern deserve honourable mentions for their improvement and stellar debut, respectively. An even bigger shout out, though, goes to Ariel and Kristina Mierzejewski; each improved her prior time by a whopping three minutes or so.
Thank you, as always, to our sponsors Ariel Re, and thank you to Deborah Narraway for timing the race, to Janet Harrison for keeping us safe at the cycle turn–and to all of you who pitched in to help.
Finally, I found a pair of flip flops outside the shed as I was locking up – they’re in the lost and found section inside the hut.
The results were (with apologies to anyone whose name is misspelled–please let me know at [email protected]):

200m swim/8km bike/2km run
Time Name

26:42 Adam Petty
28:00 Steven Petty
28:15 Rebecca Harrison
28:55 Randolph Smith
30:04 Alan Gilbertson
30:27 Alex Southern
30:49 Carol Dixon
31:22 Ariel Mierzejewski
31:43 Elizabeth Harris
32:24 Andrea Lapham
33:25 Jessie Godfrey
34:25 Kristina Mierzejewski
36:00 Dawn Johnson
36:01 Elizabeth Deacon
40:12 Scott Gilbertson

100m swim/5.6km bike/1km run
Time Name 

19:32 Nick Pilgrim
30:41 Nicholas Narraway

Other Distances
20:20 Tristan Narraway No swim/8km bike/2km run
26:43 Madison Brewer 200m swim/no bike/2km run

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