Bermuda Triathlon Association - Argo Re Summer Series–3 September 2015

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This week’s Argo Re super sprint took place in hot and humid conditions. The challenging conditions didn’t stop it from being a great race.

In the full distance, Dirk Van Leeuwen was first home in 25.27, with evergreen Kent Richardson just behind in 25.29. Maritz Theron finished third in 25.59. The first lady home, with a strong time of 27.23, was the delightful Sharon Hammond, with Lynsey Palmer just four seconds behind and Melissa Logie a further nine seconds adrift.  Tommy Marshall was the first male junior in 28.17.

In the shorter race, Jasmine Hasselkus finished first in 20.31. Rory Fleming was next, and the first male finisher, in 20.40.

Liz Southern was kind enough to take responsibility for arranging this week’s race. She was quick to point out everyone else who helped (as she said, “all such nice people”) and wanted no personal thanks. Sorry, Liz: a big thank you. You deserve one. Janet Harrison was, once again, a superstar in helping. Liz also appreciated the help given by Julie Marshall, Tim Southern, Liz Stewart, and Tilly and Eddie Norman. If anyone’s missing, thank you too–and blame me!

A couple of comments:

  • This week must have been a nightmare for the timekeepers! Lots of people finished very close to each other–always a challenge. Well done for keeping things straight.
  • Another well done to Steve O’Reilly, who was apparently delighted to break 30 minutes–always a nice landmark.
The results were:
200m swim/3 laps bike/2K run   
1    Dirk Van Leuwen    25.27
2    Kent Richardson    25.29
3    Maritz Theron    25.59
4    Sharon Hammond    27.23
5    Lynsey Palmer    27.27
6    Gerhard Boonstra    27.3
7    Brian Lynch    27.34
8    Melissa Logie    27.36
9    Tim Palmer    27.46
10    Tommy Marshall    28.17
11    Martin Ouwehand    28.29
12    Richard Hammond    29.02
13    Matthew Viney    29.32
14    Keith Robinson    29.4
15    Zoe Roberts    29.49
16    Rudi Hammond    29.54
17    Steve O’Reilly    29.56
18    Kim McIvor    30.16
19    Deb Norman    30.52
20    Tilly Norman    31.38
21    Amber Simons    33.42
22    Nancy Stevens    33.44
23    Louis Hammond    34.51
24    Kirstie Jones    36.57
25    Katie Matthews    37.3
26    Litanya Smith    41.06

100m swim/2 laps bike/1K run
1    Jasmine Hasselkus    20.31
2    Rory Fleming    20.4
3    Keith Matthews    21.03
4    Josh Wilson    23.12
5    Harris Fleming    23.17
6    Riley Wilson    24.46

Other Distances
Jessie Marshall    21.51    200m swim/3 laps bike/no run
Zoe Hasselkus    40.15    Run/bike/run

Megan Hands, Alex Southern and Ian Morrison also took part and did various distances (in Ian’s case, before being struck by cramp).

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