Bermuda Triathlon Association - Argo Re Summer Series – 3 July 2014

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We had a new winner in week 8 of the Argo Re Summer Series. Byron Rencken arrived at the very last minute–and promptly won. (I’ve tried doing that. It didn’t work for me. Strange.) Jonnie Betts brought his whole family and showed them that Dad knows best by finishing in second place. After getting past his personal Kryptonite–the swim–Otis Ingham powered up the field to finish in third. Newcomer Maritz Theron (another South African–could you guess?) deserves an honourable mention in fourth place.

Our leading lady by some distance was the promising Linsey Palmer, in 9th place overall. Zoe Roberts and Jennie Lightbourne (now that Betsy the Bike has been retired for a younger, hotter model) were second and third, respectively. Both look set to beat the 30 minute barrier soon.

We also had a larger field of youngsters taking part in the short race, presumably because they’re now on summer holidays. Rory Pollett and Megan Hands were the first boy and girl home, respectively.

A big thank you this week goes to Keisha Trott and Donna Pilgrim for recording the times; to Nancy Stevens for keeping us safe at the bike turn; and to Charlie Duffy for dealing with the swim marker buoy and for giving visiting professional coach Steve Trew (here to spot potential stars) some advice.

Other totally serious things to note:

  • Tim “Gump” Palmer confused the timers. Several times. They’d already recorded his finish time, but he kept running extra laps. Rumour has it that he and Shona are preparing for a 70.3. Tim was last seen on his 23rd run lap as I locked up the shed and headed home
  • Well done to Matthew Naude, age not very much, for helping his Mum, Sam, to finish the run leg. A contender for the Bank of Bermuda Foundation triathlon in 2029?
  • My wife, Carol Dixon finally bought her dreaded new bike (well, dreaded by me, because I knew it’d make her faster). I thought I’d held her off until she sprinted to catch me–putting her hand on my shoulder at the finishing line and making me jump, rather than run, across it
  • Natalie Dyrli rose to the clothing challenge issued last week, with her tribute to the Stars and Stripes in honour of 4 July tomorrow. I’ll eventually forgive her for “that” photo

The full results were (if you spot any errors, apologies. Please let me know at [email protected]):

200m swim/8km bike/2km run
No      Time        Name 

1        25:41        Byron Rencken
2        26:01        Jonnie Betts
3        26:33        Otis Ingham
4        26:34        Maritz Theron
5        26:43        Tim Palmer
6        27:04        Nick Pilgrim
7        27:54        Randolph Smith
8        27:57        Charlie Duffy
9        28:12        Linsey Palmer
10        30:04        Aaron Cannonier
11        30:12        Zoe Roberts
12        30:24        Jennie Lightbourne
13        30:30        Cathie Oliveira
14        30:40        Sean Dickinson
15        30:46        Maria Duffy
16        30:54        Liz Stewart
17        31:11         Frances Betts
18        31:23        Phil Martin
19        31:39        Natasha Ruscheinski
20=      32:08        Alan Gilbertson
20=      32:08        Carol Dixon
22        34:10        Cameron Pollett
23        34:21        Natalie Dyrli
24        34:46        Kaylin Davy
25        35:02        Tammy Ingham
26        36:01        Sam Naude
27        37:14        Angus Betts
28        37:18        Donnie Francis
29        37:29        Judith Howe Tucker

100m swim/5.6km bike/1km run  
1        19:45        Rory Pollett
2        20:36        Megan Hands
3        25:09        Kirsty Pollett
4        25:22        Mya Dowling
5        25:25        Janya Dowling
6        26:10        Logan Butterfield

Other distances    
21:46        Blake Oliveira    200m swim/5.6km bike/1km run

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