Bermuda Triathlon Association - Argo Re Summer Series – 28 June 2012

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BTA Super Sprint Series Results 28 June 2012
Thursday 28 June was a blustery day as Bermuda was experiencing the tail end of a storm which had brought thunder and lightning and gale force winds. In the morning, the prospects of holding the event looked dodgy, but by the early afternoon things had improved – and in the event the conditions were decent with the exception of a wind which made the cycle challenging (or easy; depending on your direction at the time!)
Thanks yet again to Mesdames Simmons, Ferreira and Harrison for recording the entrants, taking the times and keeping us safe at the cycle turn!
It was nice to see lots of new faces, together with some returning familiar faces – welcome back to the rock Lea, Stuart and Emma. They had the right idea, bringing down a picnic for the beach for afterwards!
200m swim/3 laps cycle/2 laps run
Time Name
24:34 Travis Cooper
25:20 Alex McManus
27:13 Robert Maycock
28:06 Chris Smith
28:48 Rachael Rothwell
29:17 Ian Henderson
29:32 Alyssa Rowse
29:33 Andrew Hern
29:52 Lea Osborne
31:08 Laura Hope
31:37 Alan Gilbertson
32:14 Caleb Simmons
32:24 Andrea Proctor
32:36 Carol Dixon
33:08 Dave Hope
33:27 Corinne Peach
33:31 Dean Minors
33:58 Natalie Dyrli
34:26 Ollie Jones
34:40 Tracey Burgess
34:42 Richard Marriott
36:21 Dona Smith
38:22 Randy Smith
38:52 Dawn Johnson
100m swim/2 laps cycle/1 lap run
20:50 Jayson Hassell
22:51 Micah Cook

Other Distances
28:30 Darren Ma 200m swim/3 laps cycle/1 lap run
28:52 Rebecca Harrison 200m swim/2 laps cycle/2 laps run
34:32 Rebecca Christie 200m swim/3 laps cycle/1 lap run

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