Bermuda Triathlon Association - Argo Re Summer Series – 28 August 2014

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The tail-end of Hurricane Cristobal didn’t deter 16 intrepid athletes. Despite winds gusting up to gale force, they completed tonight’s Super Sprint.

Otis Ingham was our race winner, again. This time, he needed help from my poor description of the run course. Derek Atkins, who ended in second place, had a strong lead until he took a wrong turn on the run course, with my advice “you can’t get lost”, ringing in his ears. Romar Douglas thankfully didn’t need directions, and finished a strong third.

Our female podium today comprised new names. Marie Taylor–new to triathlon, but keen as mustard and ever-helpful–was our leading lady. Natalie Dyrli was in contention until I told her so, and promptly succumbed to the pressure and finished second. Sorry, Natalie. Nancy Stevens placed third, despite threatening to stop for a coffee break during the cycle.

A big thank you to everyone for taking part safely in the absence of a bike marshal; to Dawn Johnson for opening up and doing sign-up; to Marie “My Name’s in Lights” Taylor for setting and recovering the swim buoy; and to everyone else who pitched in. And thank you to Natalie Dyrli for the photos!

Some other notable stuff:

  • The fashion wonder award for the evening goes to Jeffrey Tyrrell. I’m not sure how much shade sunglasses give when worn on the bike helmet, but they look pretty cool. (See top picture.)
  • The fashion blunder award goes to Judith Howe Tucker, who now knows that the pointy bit of the bike helmet goes to the back. (Sorry Judith. I’d never make that mistake. And don’t believe my wife when she contradicts me.)
  • The Oil Tanker Turn award goes to Kirstie Jones, who is even more nervous going around the cones than Tammy Ingham. She’ll knock 2 minutes off her PB when she feels confident enough to stay on her bike instead of walking around the turn cones… You’ll get there with a little practice, Kirstie!

And let’s not forget the results…

    Time    Name
200m swim/3laps bike/2 laps run
 1    27:20    Otis Ingham
2    28:07    Derek Atkins
3    28:39    Romar Douglas
4    28:43    Cyprian Zimecki
5    29:36    Aaron Cannonier
6    29:44    Jeffrey Tyrrell
7    32:46    Tom Hands
8    34:12    Joseph Lam
9    34:20    Marie Taylor
10    35:33    Natalie Dyrli
11    36:22    Nancy Stevens
12    39:00    Dawn Johnson
13    39:16    Kirstie Jones
14    40:20    Litanya Smith
15    40:28    Judith Howe Tucker

        100m swim/2 laps bike/1 lap run
         No entrants tonight

        Other distances 
33:13    Megan Hands    200m swim/3 laps bike/1 lap run

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