Bermuda Triathlon Association - Argo Re Summer Series – 27 June 2013

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It’s getting hotter, in more ways than one. The seventh race for this season was held on what felt like the warmest day yet. We also had comfortably the biggest field this year, with 56 athletes at the start line.  It was great to see so many new faces, as well as some familiar faces returning to the event.
Well done to Tucker Murphy. In his first start in this series, Tucker won in a blistering time of 23:38. But this race is not all about winning: well done to the many people who have improved out of sight since their own first foray into this race series. Dawn Johnson, for example, has improved radically this year, thanks to hard and consistent training. Well done to Dawn, and to all of you.
A big thank you to everyone who pitched in to help, notably Donna Pilgrim for keeping our athletes safe at the bike turn, Jane Hope for making sure that all the swimmers came out of the water safely and for traffic control, and Janet Harrison, who helped me (Alan Gilbertson) in trying to record the results as athletes flocked across the finish line.
The results follow. Please let me know asap at [email protected] if your name has been misspelled or if I’ve incorrectly recorded your distances; I’ll be pleased to correct these details.
200m swim/8km bike/2km run
Rank Time Name

1 23:38 Tucker Murphy
2 25:45 Alex Pilgrim
3 26:50 Judith Turnquast
4 27:00 Team Hiscox (Romar/Romar/Lorraine)
5 27:21 Romar Douglas
6 27:29 Otis Ingham
7 27:42 Thomas Godfrey
8 27:45 Stuart Palmer
9 27:57 Will Peckett
10 28:05 Sharon Hammond
11 28:22 Rebecca Harrison
12 28:43 Randolph Smith
13 29:17 Laura Hope
14 29:19 Rachael Rothwell
15 29:22 Richard Hammond
16 30:00 Jenn Wilson
17 30:21 Ian Davis
18 30:36 Alex Wilberz
19 30:42 Alfred Simmons
20 30:54 Kandis Matthews
21 31:13 Ali Hochberg
22 31:28 Bryce Williams
23 31:33 Carol Dixon
24 32:03 Nancy Swart
25 32:25 Natalie Dyrli
26 32:39 Dave Hope
27 33:05 Tracy Burgess
28 33:06 Richard Marriott
29 33:31 Carla Stempel
30 33:48 Carole Collard
31 35:23 Dawn Johnson
32 37:17 Verde Brown
33 37:37 Donnie Francis
100m swim/5.6km bike/1km run
Rank Time Name

1 18:05 Alex Southern
2 18:18 Rudi Hammond
3 19:54 Nick Pilgrim
4 21:21 Megan Hands
5 21:23 Louis Hammond
6 21:34 Jamie Peckett
7 21:36 Lizzie Peckett
8 22:53 Lindsay Smith
9 22:59 Robyn Stempel
10 23:16 Lindsey Pacheco
11 23:28 Kate Daly
12 24:05 Vanessa Scott
13 24:30 Kyra Kucharik
14 24:32 Chantelle Kucharik
15 25:37 Keiran Smith
16 25:38 Yannick Smith
17 25:50 Angus Betts
18 26:15 Connie Betts
DNF Gina Davis
DNF Sharon Dublin
DNF Nancy Stevens

Other Distances  

Time Name 
26:29 Karen Smith 250m swim/5.6km bike/2km run
27:48 Annabel Carter 250m swim/8km bike/1km run
  • Whether or not to go ahead, given a weather forecast of showers, strong winds and possible thunder storms? Tough call. In mid-afternoon, taking a second opinion from Tim Goodyer, I decided: "it's on". I crossed fingers and toes that I wouldn't need to turn the race into a run/bike duathlon (it's not first prize to swim with lightning nearby!) I struck lucky--the conditions were windy but almost dry, and a squall came through only when I was locking the BTA shed with the race done and dusted. I was also fortunate to receive help from Tammy Ingham--many thanks. Given the weather it was no surprise that the field was limited to 8 hardy athletes. Let's see if we can give each of them a mention... Tim Goodyer was the fastest finisher. I believe that Matt Claridge, close behind him, had the distinction of being the first competitor in the long history of these Super Sprints to wear a wetsuit. (For a 200m swim. In August. In Bermuda. In fairness, Matt and Tim are about to take part in the Worlds in London, and Matt wanted to practice with his new wetsuit. That's his story.) Best of luck in the Worlds, gents. Otis Ingham followed them home. Otis likes to give the field a head start during the swim and then play catch up. He does it very well. Mark Brown, making his triathlon comeback after a long hiatus, showed his cycling protege Robin Horsefield how to do it. Robin wasn't far behind him. He has become a strong cyclist and will excel in triathlon with more experience. Nancy "Consistency" Swart, smiling as always, was the fastest female finisher--and don't let the fact that she was the only female finisher detract from that glory. In the shorter race, Caleb Ingham decided to lighten the weight of his bicycle by dropping his water bottle. The unorthodox tactic worked as he finished strongly, but don't make it a habit, Caleb. It's dangerous to those behind you. Marie Taylor followed him home as the fastest female finisher in her triathlon debut (although see comment about Nancy above!) Thanks to everyone who turning out in sub-optimal conditions, and for pitching in to help with set-up and break-down--and see you next week. 200m swim/3 lap bike/2 lap run 1 Tim Goodyer 25:00 2 Matt Claridge 25:51 3 Otis Ingham 26:37 4 Mark Brown 29:09 5 Robin Horsefield 30:29 6 Nancy Swart 32:08 100m swim/2 lap bike/1 lap run 1 Caleb Ingham 23:07 2 Marie Taylor 23:27 Download icon Download

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