Bermuda Triathlon Association - Argo Re Summer Series – 26 June 2014

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Another glorious Thursday evening left the competitors at this evening’s Argo Re Summer Series triathlon with no excuses. At least no valid ones. I still tried plenty. Nobody listened. As usual.

Matthew Oliveira once again showed that he is a youngster to watch in the world of Bermuda triathlon by powering to a comfortable first place in a strong time of 23:55. Otis Ingham didn’t let the youngsters have all their own way, though, and pushed the (even younger) Nick Pilgrim into a very creditable third place.

Among the ladies, Sharon “70.3” Hammond took first place, holding off the strong runner Linsey Palmer in second. Laura Hope broke 30 minutes and placed third. Laura’s parents have been stars by bringing her to this event just about every Thursday since she was a foetus (someone should tell them I only run this in summer).

In the shorter event, Caleb Ingham came first, followed by Kai-Jun Simons. (I suspect we’ll get more competitors in the short race now that school is breaking up for the teensy weensy summer break.)

Less serious stuff:

  • In a first for this year’s Argo Re series, nobody left any lost and found. Come on guys, how am I going to pay for my after-action healthy slice of pizza if I don’t have stuff to sell?
  • The “real” race today was the Battle of the Doctors. Sharon Hammond edged out Gerhard Boonstra by 7 seconds.
  • My wife nearly kicked my backside. The last time we both took part I had time to blow dry my hair during T2. This time she was just 21 seconds behind me. And she’s planning to buy a better bike. Yikes. I retire.
  • The field was devastated when Natalie Dyrli took part but didn’t wear a Wonder Woman/Goth/Gorilla outfit. We expect more next week, Natalie. You’ve set such high standards in other events.
More serious stuff:

A big thank you to Sam Naude, helped by Tammy Inghan and Shona Palmer, for taking responsibility for time-keeping; Liz Southern for keeping us safe at the bike turn, ably helped by young Nicky; Ben Lau for placing and picking up the swim buoy; and everyone else who pitched in to help. Your help makes the event much more manageable and is much appreciated (I love it that so many folks offer to help without being asked.)

200m swim/8km bike/2km run

No.    Time        Name
1        23:55        Matthew Oliveira
2        25:41        Otis Ingham
3        26:56        Nick Pilgrim
4        27:23        Ben Lau
5        27:48        Randolph Smith
6        28:30        Charles Leonard
7        28:36        Sharon Hammond
8        28:43        Gerhard Boonstra
9        28:49        Linsey Palmer
10        29:18        Tim Patterson
11        29:28        Jeffrey Tyrrell
12        29:51        Laura Hope
13        30:29        Alyssa Rowse
14        30:44        Aaron Cannonier
15        30:46        Fabio Oliveira
16        30:49        Alex Southern
17        30:53        Cathie Oliveira
18        31:10        Liz Stewart
19        31:43        Jennie Lightbourne
20        32:52        Alan Gilbertson
21        33:13        Carol Dixon
22        33:15        Tina Rowse
23        33:58        Dave Hope
24        34:51        Leonard Davis
25        34:58        Natalie Dyrli
26        36:24        Donnie Francis
27        36:33        Kaylin Davy
28        37:17        Paul McLeod
29        38:28        Joanna Heaney
30        40:13        Scott Gilbertson

100m swim/5.6km bike/1km run
1        19:14        Caleb Ingham
2        21:45         Kai-Jun Simons

Other distances
21:08        Blake Oliveira    200m swim/5.6km bike/1km run
27:10        Larissa French    200m swim/8km bike/1km run
28:46        Megan Hands    200m swim/8km bike/1km run
29:55        Nancy Stevens    200m swim/8km bike/1km run
32:50        Dawn Johnson    200m swim/8km bike/1km run
32:51        Jane Hope          100m swim/5.6 km bike/2 km run
36:40        Angelica Davis    100m swim/8km bike/2km run

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