Bermuda Triathlon Association - Argo Re Summer Series – 25 September 2014

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All good things must come to an end, and the Argo Re Summer Series for 2014 was certainly a good thing. I usually say in my race briefing that there are only two main rules: have fun and stay safe. Well, judging by your feedback this season lots of people had fun, and thankfully I’m not aware of any major injuries in the 20 or so races, so everyone stayed safe.

It’s a fair amount of work to run the series, despite the fact that everyone pitches in to help so willingly each week. That’s made worthwhile for me when I see folks nervously try the Super Sprints, improve, and then go on to bigger and better (or at least longer!) events. This year, quite a few Super Sprint “graduates” will be taking part in the Bank of Bermuda Foundation event, for some as their first full sprint race. Best of luck–and remember the two main rules above!

Well done to Byron Rencken, who won the season finale. Tim Palmer showed that he’s still “got it” by finishing second with a stunning performance. Nick Pilgrim earned third place with a strong run, enabling him to leapfrog Otis Ingham.

Kim McIvor was our leading lady. Sharon “have you finished already” Craig was in second, with Liz Stewart not long behind.

A big thank you to Ben Lau, who unselfishly acted as bike safety marshal, Marie Taylor for placing and collecting the swim buoy, Tammy Ingham for doing a stellar job of helping me to cope with the timing even when four people finished within a second of each other, and to everyone who pitched in to help.

Other stuff:

  • Not for the first time, Ian Pilgrim was first after the swim and bike before retiring to take a nap. On this occasion it was priceless to hear Byron Rencken‘s comments during the bike ride as he battled to make inroads into Ian’s lead–not knowing that Ian planned to miss the run.
  • The terrible twosome were back! Longstanding participants Rebecca Harrison and Laura Hope sometimes use the event as a social catch up (much to Rebecca’s Mum’s dismay). This was no exception–until Laura realised that her Dad had overtaken him. Friendship with Rebecca was put to one side, and Dad Dave Hope was duly put in his place.
  • The “s” key on my computer nearly wore out thanks to the otherwise welcome participation by the Hasselkuss family (who may in future races be known as the Haselkus family. Or as Dirk’s lot.)
Thanks to one and all for taking part this year–see you next year.


Oh yes. I knew I forgot something. Here are the results:
    Time    Name

200m swim/3 laps bike/2 laps run
1    26:18    Byron Rencken
2    26:37    Tim Palmer
3    27:19    Nick Pilgrim
4    27:28    Otis Ingham
5    28:06    Charles Leonard
6    28:20    Yannick Hillier
7    29:06    Gerhard Boonstra
8    29:43    Kim McIvor
9    30:10    Aaron Cannonier
10    31:18    Sharon Craig
11    31:41    Liz Stewart
12    32:14    Laura Hope
13    32:15    Eddie Fisher
14    32:40    Peter Dill
15    32:45    Deborah Pharaoh-Williams
16    33:00    Rebecca Harrison
17    33:13    Lesley-Jane Smith
18    33:34    Lara Rogers
19    33:50    Kaylin Davy
20    33:55    David Hope
21    34:19    Marie Taylor
22    35:45    Jennie Lightbourne
23    37:09    Kirstie Jones
24    39:23    Judith Howe Tucker

100m swim/2 laps bike/1 lap run
20:53    Kai-jun Simons
22:08    Zoe Hasselkuss
28:16    Jasmin Hasselkuss
28:17    Ava Gabaimaiato
28:22    Dirk Hasselkuss
32:45    Lucas Lightbourne

Other distances
16:34    Kerre Venter    200m swim/no bike/2 lap run
16:51    Robyn Hayes    No swim/no bike/ 3 lap run
17:56    Ian Pilgrim    200m swim/3 laps bike/no run
19:09    Litanya Smith    200m swim/no bike/2 lap run
19:47    Howard Williams    200m swim/3 laps bike/no run
33:38    David Hillier    200m swim/3 laps bike/1 lap run

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