Bermuda Triathlon Association - Argo Re Summer Series–25 June 2015

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Well done to Chris Hands, who won this week’s Super Sprint, with South Africans Maritz Theron and Byron Rencken in pursuit. Veteran star Kent Richardson was a whisker behind in fourth. (You know it must have been a strong field if Otis Ingham finished ninth!) Sharon Hammond was our leading lady, followed by Wanda Roberts and young Zoe Hasselkus. Zoe’s sister Jasmine won the shorter race, ahead of Jake Smith and Ava Gabai-Maiato.
Well done and a big thank you to Dawn Johnson for again taking responsibility for organising the race, and to everyone who pitched in to help, allowing her to also take part.
250m swim/3 lap bike/2 lap run
1    25.35    Chris Hands
2    26.05    Maritz Theron
3    26.56    Byron Rencken
4    26.58    Kent Richardson
5    27.37    Nick Pilgrim
6    28.21    Anton Gilbert
7    29.14    Dave Soutter
8    29.17    Otis Ingham
9    29.26    Yannick Miller
10    29.50    Naude/Pilgrim
11    29.51    Sharon Hammond
12    29.52    Charl Hofmeyer
13    30.04    Antonio
14    30.23    Rudi Hammond
15    30.39    Chris Ferreira
16    31.46    Wanda Roberts
17    32.16    Matthew Viney
18    32.17    Ben Edwards
19    33.32    Zoe Hasselkuss
20    33.39    Megan Hands
21    34.02    Jean Claude
22    34.09    Christine Soutter
23    35.36    Nancy Stevens
24    37.49    Kirstie Jones
25    38.00    Leanna Madeiros
26    38.59    Joanne Madeiros

100m swim/2 laps bike/1 lap run       
1    21.58    Jasmin Hasselkuss
2    22.29    Jake Smith
3    27.04    Ava Gabai-Maiato
4    29.11    Nicholas Hands
5    30.29    Xymir Williams
6    30.43    Zamir Cairns
DNF    Xymico Williams

  Other Distances
28.37    Tammy Ingham    250m swim/3 laps bike/1 lap run
34.26    Dawn Johnson    250m swim/3 laps bike/1 lap run

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