Bermuda Triathlon Association - Argo Re Summer Series – 25 Aug 2011

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200m swim/3 lap cycle/2 lap run   

26:26    Thomas Godfrey
27:14    Ian Pilgrim
28:30    Charlie Pilgrim
28:49    Alex McManus
28:55    Alex Pilgrim
30:18    Daryl Alexander
30:32    Rachel Rothwell
30:36    Nerissa Simmons
32:22    Chris Smith
33:19    Laura Hope
33:37    Andrea Proctor
34:02    Simon Fraser
34:32    Madelein Schreuder
37:25    Rebecca Harrison
37:26    Jessie Godfrey
38:17    Helene Simmons
38:27    Anant Borole
39:35    Jo Allitt
42:56    Charmaine Smith

100m swim/2 lap cycle/1 lap run     

20:02    Nick Pilgrim
20:16    Yannick Hillier
21:36    Sophie Clare
23:49    Jack Thorpe
27:43    Jane Thorpe
30:01    Kion Richardson*

*Kept going when hurting! Well done, Kion.

29:42            Clare Family               200m swim (Stu)/2 lap cycle (Karen)/2 lap run (Stu)
34:30            Julia Mansfield            No swim/3 laps cycle/2 laps run
Not timed      Alex Clare                  Run only
Not timed      Dave (8 stitches) Hope 200m swim/3 lap cycle/no run
Not timed      Molly Pilgrim               200m swim/3 lap cycle/no run
Not timed      Dawn Johnson           200m swim/3 lap cycle/no run

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