Bermuda Triathlon Association - Argo Re Summer Series – 23 August 2012

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Great conditions, great turn-out and great help from the Pilgrim family and from Andy Steel! Thank you to Donna P for arranging sign up and for keeping us safe at the turn-around; to Andy S for the taking on the stressful job of timing; and to Ian and Molly for helping him.
Team results in bold.
200m Swim/8K bike/2K run 
23:54 Team Pilgrim (Ian/Charlie)
24:12 Travis Cooper
24:33 Alex McManus
25:11 Romar Douglas
25:35 Karen Smith
25:47 Charlie Pilgrim
25:51 Tim Fox
25:58 Robert Maycock
26:02 Michael Toyer
26:07 Andrew Hern
26:12 Jay Riihiiluoma
26:16 Ian Henderson
26:20 Alex Pilgrim
26:22 Chris Sinclair
26:42 Duncan Scott
27:15 Dennis Joell
28:21 Kim McIvor
28:35 Oliver Riihiluoma
29:07 Edgar Griffith
29:11 Natalie Luthi
29:18 Greg Tyers
29:42 Sharon Hammond
29:47 Carrie Rosorea
30:19 Richard Hammond
30:38 Ian Fox
31:46 Corinne Peach
31:56 Alan Gilbertson
32:00 Brian Rosorea
32:20 Richard Marriott
32:21 Tracy Burgess
32:25 Nancy Swart
32:41 Hilary Stoddard
32:47 Dawn Johnson
33:53 Jennifer Fullerton
34:22 Natalie Dyrli
34:44 Janet Wheelan
34:56 Cammie Simmons
34:57 Leanette Magba-Kamaa
35:14 Daniel Tafur
36:05 Paul Simons
100m swim/5K bike/1K run 
18:33 Nick Pilgrim
18:42 Rudi Hammond
23:13 Louis Hammond
25:51 Sarah Tafur
28:56 Sue Riihiluoma

Other Distances
27:47 Team Silvia No swim/3 lap bike/2 lap run (I think!)
37:39 Leslie Jane Smith 3 Laps run

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