Bermuda Triathlon Association - Argo Re Summer Series–21 May 2015

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The second race in the series took part in conditions which mirrored the first. Calm water, warm but humid weather, and a breeze to make the bike ride challenging. Nature threw out only one curved ball–the wind direction was different from week one, so that the tough and sweet spots on the bike leg were reversed.

Well done to Chris Harris for placing first overall. We think! Chris ran the race but auditioned as a replacement for the Energizer Bunny. He just kept going, and going, and….if anyone sees him, please tell him his dinner is getting cold. Otis Ingham resumed last year’s achievements with a strong (at least) second place. And Randy Smith continued his own improvement with a first podium place, in third spot–and has Otis in his sights. Laura Hope was, for the second week in a row, our leading lady.

As so often, it was great to see some regulars coming back to take part as well as a few first timers, both young and, well, less young. (It was also great to see some of the regulars take part in last weekend’s longer Aon triathlons–well done!)

The full results appear below. Apologies for any errors or omissions. It was hard to interpret some of the results this week, with a number of finishing names not on the sign-up sheet–and vice versa–and some ambiguity about what distances some athletes had taken on. If we have your result (or name) incorrect, please let me know at [email protected] and I’ll happily correct things. (Aside: if you arrive late, no problem–join the race, but please sign up and pay afterwards.)

A big thank you to Dawn Johnson for race directing; Janet Harrison for keeping us safe at the bike turn; Rebecca Harrison for watching out for traffic during transitions; and everyone else who pitched in to help.

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE: we don’t have many rules for these races. I usually say that there are two: stay safe and have fun. Of these, the most important is obviously the first. This week several adults voiced concerns (thank you) that some young cyclists were not holding a straight riding line, were not tucked in to the left of the road and, in one case, was not wearing a helmet.

Parents, we want to encourage youngsters to take part in these races but we can’t take responsibility for their safety and ask that you do so. Please explain to your kids the need to ride straight so that they aren’t hit from behind, and to keep to the left to avoid traffic (oncoming and from behind). Thanks! Finally, we do require that all cyclists wear a helmet, without exception. If you forget to bring one, there’s often one in the “lost and found” rack in the shed.

200m swim/ 8km bike/ 2km run
1        28:01        Chris Harris
2        28:37        Otis Ingham
3        28:58        Randolph Smith
4        29:15        Laura Hope
5        29:16        Trent Harris
6        29:51        Chris Smith
7        31:05        Zoe Hasselkus
8        31:20        Steve O’Reilly
9        31:28        Rosa Peichoto
10        32:27        Liz Stewart
11        34:37        Dave Hope
12        37:02        Rosalind Wingate
13        41:18        Litanya Smith
14        45:51        Roddy ?

100m swim/5.6km bike/1km run
1        22:51        Manning Smith
2        22:51        Nico Davis
3        25:44        Joanne Harvey
4        25:51        Xymiko Williams
5        28:53        Ava Maiato

Other distances
16:40        Alan Gilbertson         200m swim/no bike/2 laps run
22:28        Gabrielle ?                Not recorded
19:55        Xymeia Williams       100m swim/1 lap bike/ 1 lap run
24:23        Jasmine Hasselkus   1 lap bike/ 4 lap run
26:41        Kieran  ?                   Not recorded
31:11        Maria Ramirez           No swim/2 bike/1 run

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