Bermuda Triathlon Association - Argo Re Summer Series — 21 August 2014

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This evening’s Argo Re super sprint took place in windy, hot and humid conditions. This made for somewhat slower than usual times.

Newcomer Julian Fletcher finished a strong first. Regular podium finisher Otis Ingham finished second, with Ben Lau in third. Cathie Oliveira was the leading lady, showing her kids that they’re not the only capable athletes in the family.

A big thank you to Janet Harrison for — yet again — coming down to act as safety marshal, this time even though daughter Rebecca was overseas instead of taking part. Thanks also to Ben Lau, who has successfully graduated from Swim Buoy Deployment 101, to Dawn Johnson for helping with sign-up, and to everyone else who helped.

Other notable stuff:

  • Morgan Hopkins was the first competitor to finish the event despite being attacked by a chicken (on the way out of the swim leg)
  • Ben Lau wore a wet suit. He says it was because he needs to practice ahead of a key triathlon. Some say he couldn’t cope with the frigid August Bermuda water
  •  Betsy the bike–consigned to gather dust by Jennie Lightbourne when she got hold of a cuter, younger model–made a comeback, being ridden by visitor Ben Watkinson
  • Ben W also made the news for doing valiantly despite the need for a GPS on both run legs.
  • Well done to Lucas–age not very much–who took place in his first triathlon less than two weeks after learning how to ride a bicycle.
    Time    Name
200m swim/3laps bike/2 laps run  

1    26:49    Julian Fletcher
2    27:08    Otis Ingham
3    29:07    Ben Lau
4    29:27    Jeffrey Tyrrell
5    31:03    Aaron Cannonier
6    32:18    Cathie Oliveira
7    34:07    Marie Taylor
8    39:57    Kirsty Jones
9    40:47    Judith Howe Tucker
10    40:49    Litanya Smith
11    43:15    Kaylin Davy

100m swim/2 laps bike/1 lap run
20:52    Caleb Ingham

        Other distances
16:40    Blake Oliveira    200m swim/1 lap bike/1 lap run
22:01    Morgan Hopkins    200m swim/1 lap bike/2 laps run
23:07    Angie Alvarez    200m swim/0 bike/2 lap walk
30:25    Ben Watkinson    100m swim/2 laps bike/2 laps run
30:45    Lucas Lightbourne    100m swim/1 lap bike/1 lap run
30:46    Jennie Lightbourne    100m swim/1 lap bike/1 lap run

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