Bermuda Triathlon Association - Argo Re Summer Series – 20 June 2013

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Week 6 of the Argo Re Summer Series for 2013 enjoyed a good  turnout of 44 starters, and good weather – just! Less than an hour after the race finished, the heavens opened and driving rain quickly caused flooding on the course.
Thank you, once again, to the stellar Ian Pilgrim for timing — ably supported by Donna Pilgrim and Tina Godfrey — and to Janet Harrison, for once again standing at the bike turn as our safety marshal.
Congratulations to our male and female race winners, Alex Pilgrim and Karen Smith. Alex must be one of the youngest ever winners of this event. While we are likely to see a lot more of Alex’s name in the years ahead, Karen’s name already features regularly on our adult event leaderboards. Just last week Karen was the leading female in the open individual event in the Tokio Millennium Re triathlon. Karen will once again be competing in the Kona Ironman event in Hawaii later this year, so these super sprints are rather short for her — but she enjoys bringing down daughter Lindsay to take part.
200m swim/8km bike/2km run
Rank Time Name

1 24:38 Alex Pilgrim
2 24:47 Karen Smith
3 25:35 Matthew Oliveira
4 26:07 Tim Fox
5 27:24 Romar Douglas
6 27:29 Chris Smith
7 28:21 Kamryn Minors
8 28:22 Natalie Luthi
9 28:26 Randolph Smith
10 28:30 Otis Ingham
11 28:37 Stuart Palmer
12 28:39 Bryce Williams
13 28:40 Charlie Duffy
14 29:06 Rachael Rothwell
15 29:13 Alyssa Rowse
16 29:30 Laura Hope
17 29:32 Kerry Rosorea
18 30:21 Alan Gilbertson
19 30:32 Lizzie Peckett
20 30:51 Brian Rosorea
21 30:53 Ian Davis
22 31:02 Richard Marriott
23 31:23 Nancy Swart
24 31:29 Elizabeth Harris
25 32:18 Alfred Simmons
26 32:23 Ian Fox
27 32:35 Carla Stempel
28 32:46 Natalie Dyrli
29 33:48 Steven Ortiz
30 34:05 David Hope
31 35:42 Rebecca Harrison
32 35:42 Jessie Godfrey
33 39:55 Scott Gilbertson
34 40:44 Charmaine Smith
DNF Wes Lindo
100m swim/5.6km bike/1km run
Rank Time Name  

1 17:52 Nick Pilgrim
2 19:36 Tina Rowse
3 21:14 Blake Oliveira
4 22:40 Jamie Packett
5 35:47 Lindsay Smith

Other Distances
Time Name
13:48 Tom Peckett 100m swim/2.8km bike/1km run
17:48 Alexandra Clare 100m swim/2.8km bike/1km run
24:20 Thomas Godfrey 200m swim/8km bike/1km run
25:57 Cathy Oliveira 100m swim/5.6km bike/2km run

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