Bermuda Triathlon Association - Argo Re Summer Series–2 July 2015

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Summer holidays must be here–there was a huge turnout for this week’s race. In total 51 folks started the event. They ranged from veterans to newbies and even included a few very welcome tourists–and a surprising number of South African accents could be heard.

This week the junior camp is being run at Clearwater by Steve Trew. Steve must be doing something right, as always, because the juniors did a wonderful job in the race. Youngsters Nick Pilgrim and Yannick Hillier filled the first two places. A team comprising Ian “BBQ King” Pilgrim and Sam “Cute Kids” Naude was third, while the third placed individual was Byron Rencken. An honourable mention goes to another youngster (at heart), Kent Richardson in fourth.

Megan Hands finished first in the female race, followed by Lynsey Palmer and Laura Hope. All three are fast improving and beginning to do really well in the longer races.

Manning Smith was first in the shorter race.
In general the results seemed fast, mainly due to great conditions. (It helped that I ensured that the swim leg started in the traditional place. There had been some suggestions that Ian P–a strong swimmer–may have been lengthening the swim while I was away, to gain an edge over strong runner, less strong swimmer Otis. Inconceivable. Ian is as honest as the day is long. Even if he is a lawyer.)

You can find the full results below and in the attached spreadsheet. Apologies for any incorrect names or results–feel welcome to point them out to me, if it matters to you, at [email protected].

Big thank yous go to:
  • Ian Pilgrim for opening up the hut, starting set up, placing the swim buoy, helping me to keep the names straight as athletes finished, arranging a great BBQ, excellent coaching/parenting of this week’s winner, and generally being a good egg
  • Liz and Tim Southern, for keeping the athletes safe during the bike leg
  • Tim Palmer, for bringing the swim buoy back, helping at the finish and an expert job at the BBQ
  • Dawn Johnson, our comeback queen, for help during registration.
  • Richard Hammond and Keith Robinson for “over and above” help putting racks away
  • and everyone else who pitched in to help

250m swim/3 lap bike/2 lap run     

1    24:37    Nick Pilgrim
2    25:26    Yannick Hillier
3    25:36    Team Pilgrim/Naude    Swim & bike by Ian, run by Sam
4    25:50    Byron Rencken
5    25:52    Kent Richardson
6    26:11    Megan Hands
7    26:53    Lynsey Palmer
8    27:07    Alex Southern
9    27:19    Cliff Roberts
10    27:23    Will Mann
11    27:50    Gerhard Boonstra
12    28:03    Blake Oliveira
13    28:05    Laura Hope
14    28:06    Rudi Hammond
15    28:08    Chris Ferreira
16    28:22    Charlie Griffiths
17    28:25    Sharon Hammond
18    28:38    Sergio Edness
19    28:39    Ian Morrison
20    28:41    Alicia Hancock
21    28:48    Chris Smith
22    29:28    Zoe Roberts
23    29:54    Richard Hammond
24    30:08    Vivienne Lockhart
25    30:49    Wenda Roberts
26    30:52    Matthew Viney
27    31:16    Laura Ferreira
28    31:17    Claude Jean
29    32:01    Angus Betts
30    32:08    Keith Robinson
31    33:05    Lara Rogers
32    33:19    Dave Hope
33    33:26    Courtney Mann
34    34:00    Ash Fife
35    36:04    Joanne Heaney
36    36:39    Louis Hammond
37    37:38    Dawn Johnson
38    39:16    Liana Medeiros
39    41:22    Litanya Smith
40    42:22    Charmaine Smith    With a little help on the swim…

   100m swim/2 laps bike/1 lap run
1    20:32    Manning Smith
2    21:05    Team Betts    Swim & bike by Connie, run by Flora
3    24:36    Josh Wilson
4    24:37    Jenn Wilson
5    28:26    Nicholas Hands

  Other Distances     
Not timed    Eddie Norman    100m swim/1 lap bike/1 lap run
22:47    Charlie Pilgrim    200m swim/3 lap bike/1 lap run
23:41    Otis Ingham    200m swim/3 lap bike/1 lap run

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