Bermuda Triathlon Association - Argo Re Summer Series – 19 June 2014

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The weather was kind to the competitors once again. Light breezes and a flat sea made for great conditions. (It’s all thanks to me. It’s only windy when I take part. So, to protect the competitors and in no way because I’m lazy, I decided to run the race this week instead of running in it.

Otis Ingham once again decided to give the field a head start in the swim. It looked as if he’d left his charge too late going into the run, but he hauled in the leaders and finished a strong winner. Byron Rencken finished close behind and at one point looked as if he might sneak up on Otis at the last minute. Byron has come on in leaps and bounds since he and I were on the same tri camp a year or two back. He showed his South African roots by immediately heading to the beach for a braii (a BBQ to you and me). Charlie Pilgrim, back on holiday for the summer, was in third. He led until T2 but couldn’t quite sustain the pace. After a week or two to acclimatise, he’ll be a contender for first place.

Kim McIvor was, not for the first time, our leading lady. Kim missed her personal best by an agonising one second. Megan Berry once again showed a quick pair of heels in second place, with Linsey Palmer in third.

Notably, most of them finished ahead of Bermuda Commonwealth Games contender Tucker Murphy (to be fair, Tucker did start late. But don’t tell them that.)

As always it was great to see huge improvements by a number of relatively inexperienced triathletes. Jennie Lightbourne, having upgraded Betsy the bike, is improving quickly–and Judith Howe “can I help” Tucker is also rapidly lowering her times. Well done to them and to everyone who made me look lazy.

New: honesty award of the week goes to Cathie Oliveira for emailing me to point out that she didn’t really finish as the second placed lady (as I had originally listed her). As she had told me she would when she signed up, she only did one lap of the run. One day, Cathie….

A big thank you to Janet Harrison for–yet again–keeping our athletes safe at the turn, to Liz Southern for her debut as a timer (nervous but excellent job!), to Ben Lau for dealing with the swim buoy, and to everyone for pitching in to set up and take down.

See you next week!


200m swim/8km bike/2km run
No     Time        Name  

1        26:09        Otis Ingham
2        26:16        Byron Rencken
3        26:47        Charlie Pilgrim
4        27:01        Tim Palmer
5        27:13        Ben Lau
6        27:19        Kim McIvor
7        27:33        Chris Smith
8        27:43        James Dodgson
9        27:52        Megan Berry
10        27:56        Tucker Murphy
11        28:50        Linsey Palmer
12        29:27        Rebecca Harrison
13        29:43        Alex Southern
14        29:57        Zoe Roberts
15        29:58        Trent Harris
16        30:18        Fabio Oliveira
17        30:21        Cathal Rynne
18        30:24        Aaron Cannonier
19        30:27        Charl Hofmeyr
20        30:31        Tamia?*
21        30:33        Jeffrey Tyrrell
22        30:36        Alfred Simmonds
23        30:39        Mia Bam
24        30:43        Kamryn Minors
25        31:08        Alyssa Rowse
26        31:15        Jennie Lightbourne
27        33:18        Gaby Pucci
28        35:15        Kaylin Davy
29        35:20        Sam Naude
30        36:15        Tammy Ingham
31        36:42        Judith Howe Tucker
32        38:59        Joanna Heaney
* Sorry–not sure of this name. Email [email protected] if you know it.      

100m swim/5.6km bike/1km run   
1        20:29        Tina Rowse
2        21:56        Megan Hands
3        21:19        Nancy Stevens

Other distances   
27:42        Blake Oliveira     200m swim/8km bike/1km run
27:48        Cathie Oliveira    200m swim/8km bike/1km run
DNF          Chris Harris       Flat tyre.
DNF          Dawn Johnson   Flat tired (she’s getting over a bug).

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