Bermuda Triathlon Association - Argo Re Summer Series – 17 July 2014

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This evening’s Argo Re Super Sprint included a few firsts. For the first time, we have a longest drive award–a prize more familiar to golfers. The winner was Beverly McPhee‘s husband, who drove all the way from Southampton to Clearwater with a spare set of car keys (Beverly’s son had misplaced the originals). And then drove home again. Secondly, for the first time we had a non-human competitor, on the swim leg at least. However, the turtle who accompanied Larissa French was disqualified because it didn’t pay the entrance fee. (In fairness, it might have been under 16, and so entitled to a free entry.)

On a more serious note, we had a season-high 56 entrants, who were led home by Maritz Theron, who finished in 24:16 and won for the second consecutive week. Alex Pilgrim was a very close second in a strong time of 24:19. Third place went to 11 year old — that is not a typo — Nick Pilgim in a remarkable 26:18. Well done to all three.

Amber Mehta was our leading lady, edging Sharon Hammond into second place by 11 seconds. Zoe Roberts claimed third spot and in finishing in 29:33 she broke the 30 minute barrier for the first time–comfortably.
In the shorter race, Blake Oliveira took the honours, edging out Louis Hammond. Megan Hands was, not for the first time, the first female finisher.

A big thank you to Donna Pilgrim, for keeping the athletes safe at the bike turn; to Barb McPhee for helping me to write up the entries; to Tim Palmer for helping me to keep track of the finishers while I was trying to time and write up the results; to Sharon Hammond for placing the swim buoy and to whoever it was to kindly retrieved it; and to everyone else who pitched in.

Other stuff to note:
  • Awesome effort by Lucrecia Ming. Lucrecia isn’t going to challenge the winners just yet but she’s improving fast. Keep it up!
  • Duane Simons is trying triathlon for the first time this season. Judging by his 27:50 finish he should also keep tri-ing.
  • Look out behind you, Dad! Aaron Cannonier is rapidly improving and his time tonight was only 2:13 behind his Dad, Otis Ingham.
  • Jennie Lightbourne is on the verge of cracking the 30 minute barrier, finishing in 30:03 tonight. Go, Jennie!
  • Deborah Pharaoh-Williams may have the longest name in the race, but the prize for the hardest for me to spell goes to Zxymyiko Williams, closely followed by his brother Xymeii Williams. (I may have these names totally wrong–in which case, apologies. They must have arrived too late to sign up, so I had to ask these very polite but very quietly spoken boys to spell their names. I hope I heard them correctly!)

Last but not least, I’ll be away on a family holiday for the next 3 weeks, but I will arrange for someone to cover for me. There will be races (weather permitting) except on the Cup Match Thursday–when the traffic is too heavy to make it safe. Have fun and I’ll see you when I get back!


200m swim/8km bike/2km run

No     Time         Name
1        24:16        Maritz Theron
2        24:19        Alex Pilgrim
3        26:18        Nick Pilgrim
4        26:24        Craig Rothwell
5        26:35        Otis Ingham
6        27:03        Joel Matthews
7        27:07        Amber Mehta
8        27:18        Sharon Hammond
9        27:25        Randolph Smith
10        27:30        Duane Simons
11        27:43        James Dodgson
12        27:50        Howard Williams
13        28:35        Gerhard Boonstra
14        28:48        Aaron Cannonier
15        29:06        Jeffrey Tyrrell
16        29:33        Zoe Roberts
17        29:45        Rudi Hammond
18        29:46        Richard Hammond
19        29:51        Lea Butterfield
20        30:03        Jennie Lightbourne
21        30:08        Team Martin (Katherine and Phil)
22        30:16        Cathie Oliveira
23        31:33        Caleb Ingham
24        31:54        Larissa French
25        31:57        Lesley-Jane Smith
26        32:13        Deborah Pharaoh-Williams
27        32:26        Laura Hope
28=      32:31        Janya Dowling
28=      32:31        Mya Dowling
30        33:13        Lara Rogers
31        33:20        Dave Hope
32        33:24        Barb McPhee
33        33:47        Jessie Godfrey
34        33:55        Marie Taylor
35        34:05        Amber Simons
36        34:07        Nico Richardson
37        34:08        Nancy Stevens
38        34:29        Donnie Francis
39        34:53        Tammy Ingham
40        35:54        Beverly McPhee
41        36:35        Dawn Johnson
42        37:04        Xymeii Williams
43        37:07        Zxymyiko Williams
44        40:41        Litanya Smith

100m swim/5.6km bike/1km run
1        19:43        Blake Oliveira
2        19:49        Louis Hammond
3        20:32        Adrian McPhee
4        21:29        Kaijun Simons
5        22:53        Patrick Quinn
6        23:17         Megan Hands
7        24:02        Lyndon Quinn
8        41:07        Lucrecia Ming

Other distances
16:30        Dragan Pavkovic    200m swim/no bike/2km run
17:37        Ian Pilgrim            200m swim/8km bike/no run
35:08        Kirstie Jones        200m swim/8km bike/1km run

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