Bermuda Triathlon Association - Argo Re Summer Series – 16 May 2013

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What a beautiful evening to start the season! Coolish temperatures, calm waters and not much wind. It doesn’t get much better.
Thank you to Patty Petty and Ian Pilgrim for timing the event, and to Donna Pilgrim to ensuring our safety at the bike turn. Much appreciated!
It really was a Petty & Pilgrim evening! Aside from the help noted above, the top four finishers were from the two families. The results were (with apologies to anyone whose name is misspelled–please let me know at [email protected]):

200m swim/8km bike/2km run  

Time Name 
25:50 Adam Petty
27:23 Alex Pilgrim
28:43 Steve Petty
29:40 Nick Pilgrim
29:51 Rebecca Harrison
30:48 Randolph Smith
30:49 Laura Hope
31:48 Alan Gilbertson
31:50 Kerry Rosorea
32:06 Nancy Swart
32:17 Eddie Fisher
33:38 Brian Rosorea
34:53 Carole Collard
35:10 Dave Hope
35:15 Ollie Jones
35:26 Tracy Burgess
35:27 Richard Marriott
37:48 Wesley Lindo
39:52 Verde Brown
41:34 Rebecca Christie
50:24 Susan Schmitt
50:25 Amy Wolfinger

Other Distances 
30:30 Dawn Johnson (only 1 run lap)
32:35 Jo Allitt (short swim)
34:09 Elin Deacon (only 1 run lap)
DNF Donnie Francis (twisted his ankle while going strong…get well soon and come again!)

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