Bermuda Triathlon Association - Argo Re Summer Series–16 July 2015

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This Thursday’s Super Sprint took place in hot and dry conditions, with a strong breeze making the cycle leg a real challenge.

I guess South Africans must be used to the wind because they took first and third places tonight. Byron Rencken took top spot, overtaking Andrew Davies on the second lap of the run. Gerhard “Doc” Boonstra came in third, edging out Otis Ingham in fourth.

Relative newcomer Alicia Hancock was the first lady home. Up-and-coming Jessie Marshall was second, with Christine Soutter in third.

Seven year old Maria Ramirez — supported by her Dad Armando — deserves an honourable mention for her good effort in the shorter race.

A big thank you to the Cooper family for their help this evening. Mum Heather kindly kept the athletes safe at the bike turn. Dad Patrick (after finishing the swim leg) kindly brought the swim buoy back–and also the road signs–without needing to be asked. Thanks also to Keagan Wooley for placing the swim buoy, and to everyone else who pitched in to help.

250m swim/3 lap bike/2 lap run
1    26:12    Byron Rencken
2    26:31    Andrew Davies
3    27:58    Gerhard Boonstra
4    28:08    Otis Ingham
5    28:50    Sergio Edness
6    28:54    David Soutter
7    29:07    Charles Leonard
8    29:20    Ian Morrison
9    29:29    Team Cooper (swim Patrick, bike & run Ross)
10    29:34    Tommy Marshall
11    29:38    Alicia Hancock
12    30:21    Jeffrey Tyrell
13    30:30    Jessie Marshall
14    31:15    Keith Robinson
15    32:09    Christine Soutter
16    33:11    Liz Stewart
17    33:20    Martin Ouwehand
18    33:32    Lara Rogers
19    33:57    Rebecca Harrison
20    34:10    Gareth Cooper
21    36:00    Keagan Wooley
22    41:31    Litanya Smith

100m swim/2 laps bike/1 lap run
1    30:18    Maria Ines Ramirez

Other Distances
Not timed    Sam Naude    Run only
Not timed    Sarah Farrar    Swim and bike
Not timed    Vicotr Ruberry    Swim and bike
30:56    Kelisa Wade    100m swim/1 lap bike/1 lap run
30:57    Chaydora Caines    100m swim/2 lap bike/2 lap run
32:53    Dawn Johnson    200m swim/3 lap bike/1 lap run

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