Bermuda Triathlon Association - Argo Re Summer Series–14 May 2015

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A new season of Argo Re Summer Series triathlons–the “Super Sprints”–got off to a good start today. As usual, the field comprised a healthy mixture of veterans and newcomers, men and women, and young and old.

I arrived early, armed with a saw in one hand and a Garmin in the other. The saw was to enable me to clear the vegetation on the run course; the Gamin was Plan B in case it was too overgrown and I needed to set another course using GPS to determine the distance accurately. As it turned out, neither was needed. I was delighted that the course had been very thoroughly cleared before I arrived–so well done and thanks to (I assume) the Parks Department.

Congratulations to Tucker Murphy, who won the opening race. Matt Thompson in second pushed him hard until losing a little ground on the run. One of the new faces, Chris Hands, grabbed third place.

The leading lady was a “young veteran”: Laura Hope has been coming to the Super Sprints virtually since she was crawling. Well done, Laura. Liz Stewart–modelling a new, hot pink tri-suit–was second, with Rebecca Harrison in third.

A big thank you to Tammy Ingham, who helped with sign-up; Janet Harrison, our guardian angel at the bike turn; Caleb and Otis Ingham, who took care of the swim buoy; and to everyone who pitched in to help.

All the best

STOP PRESS: If anyone found a black Catlin swim cap and a pair of black Nike goggles, please email Roz at [email protected]. Thanks!
200m swim/8km bike/2km run
1        23:59        Tucker Murphy
2        24:44        Matt Thompson
3        26:08        Chris Hands
4        27:43        James Dodgson
5        29:04        Otis Ingham
6        29:25        Randolph Smith
7        29:43        Caleb Ingham
8        31:14        Laura Hope
9        31:33        Liz Stewart
10       32:21        Rebecca Harrison
11       32:49        Keith Robinson
12       32:57        Megan Hands
13       32:57        Zoe Hasselkus
14       33:27        Rosa Peichoto
15       34:08        Dave Hope
16       34:59        Nancy Stevens
17       35:59        Rosalind Wingate
18       29:46        Joanna Heaney
19       37:11        Rowdy Crockwell-Laurent
20       41:39        Latanya Smith

100m swim/5.6km bike/1km run
1        24:14        Jasmine Hasselkus
2        24:42        Roxy Crockwell-Laurent
3        32:42        Ava Maiato

Other distances                    
32:57        Joanne Harvey    100m swim/3 laps bike/1 lap run
33:41        Jane Hope    No swim/3 laps bike/2 laps run

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