Bermuda Triathlon Association - Argo Re Summer Series – 14 June 2012

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Great conditions and a record turnout!
Many thanks to everyone who pitched in to help – with a special thank you to Deb Narraway for timing and Janet Harrison for (yet again) keeping us safe at the turn.
There are a small number of results we were not sure of (timing is tough work with so many people there and no ankle chips – especially when people forget to come back with the timing numbers!), so please feel welcome to contact me at [email protected] with errors – or if I’ve mangled the spelling of your name!
200m swim/8km cycle/2km run
22:50 de Ste Croix Neil
23:08 Ferreira Justin
23:28 Davis Andrew
24:02 Cooper Travis
24:33 Harkness Chris
24:46 Port Ian
25:48 Pilgrim Ian
26:34 ? ? *
26:44 Pilgrim Alex
27:27 Olivera Matthew
28:00 Petty Steve
29:19 Hammond Sharon
29:28 Rothwell Rachel
29:30 Narraway Tristan
29:31 Hammond Richard
30:12 Rowse Alyssa
30:18 Benson Gordon
30:19 Hillier Yannick
30:41 Legg Louise
31:01 Godfrey Jessie
31:08 McArthur Erica
31:11 Hern Andrew
31:35 Gilbertson Alan
31:48 Clare Stuart
31:57 Madeiros Liana
32:16 Pittoni Liz
32:35 Sommer Lori
32:49 Schreuder Madelein
33:01 Ming Lucrecia
33:46 Sweeney Alex**
34:36 Cross Susan
34:58 Cross Kevin
35:00 Burgess Tracey
36:01 Marriott Richard
38:03 Howe Tucker Judith
41:00 Smith Charmaine
* Someone finished in this time but didn’t return the ticket – please email your name (and confirm what distance) to [email protected] and I’ll complete this
** Please confirm if I’m right in assuming you did the full distance.
100m swim/2 lap cycle/1km run  
18:28 Pilgrim Nick
19:23 Hammond Rudi
19:49 Thorpe Jack
20:02 Clare Sophie
20:22 Stempel Karla
22:05 Davis Crockwell Susan
23:16 Hassell Shaun
23:44 Hammond Louis
27:31 Clare/Benson/Clare Sophie/Isabella/Karen
30:02 Hassell Gareth
34:55 Hassell Jason

Other distances
14:23 Morrison Ian 200m swim/2 lap cycle/no run
10:40 Narraway Nick 100m swim/no cycle/1 lap run
24:41 Christie Rebecca 200m swim/3 lap bike/no run

25:42 Olivera Cathie 100m swim/2 laps cycle/2 laps run
27:17 Hope Laura 200m swim/2 lap cycle/2 laps run
27:25 Harrison Rebecca 200m swim/2 lap cycle/2 laps run
15:45 Davis Vicky Not sure – please email [email protected]
20:50   I think Daniel Larson and Lindsey Smith finished in these times – but
21:02       I was not told which way round. Please email [email protected] (and confirm the distance)
21:23 Ferreira ? Not sure of first name – please feel welcome to email it and confirm your distance to [email protected]

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