Bermuda Triathlon Association - Argo Re Summer Series — 12 June 2014

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Race 5 in this year’s Argo Re Summer Series took place on a perfect Thursday evening at Clearwater Beach. Dry conditions, a flat sea, light wind, and cloud cover which appeared in the nick of time to take the edge off the heat. Do racing conditions get any easier?

At least that’s the way it seemed to me.

Mind you, I was only watching (having failed to cajole someone into timing the race so that I could take part). Surprisingly, some of the competitors seemed to disagree. One lady complained about the humidity and asked me to knock a couple of minutes off her time. (I won’t mention her name, because I like being married.

Although Carol Dixon led after the swim leg (is that good enough, honey?) Ian Pilgrim then tore into this race like a father trying to prove something to his youngest child. Which he was. In the end that youngest child, Nick Pilgrim, was our race winner. (Ian had led until the finish of the bike leg, but then withdrew, muttering that his eye lashes hurt. Or something like that.) A strong run helped Nick to push Otis Ingham into second place despite his strong time. Rapidly improving Tim Palmer wasn’t far behind. Ben Lau deserves an honourable mention for a good fourth place.

Kim McIvor placed fifth and was our leading lady, not for the first time, coming back strongly from injury. Linsey Palmer finished second with a strong run and is one to watch.

The shorter distance was a family affair. Blake Oliveira showed that older brother Matthew is not the only promising triathlete in the family, which Mum Cathie gave him a good run for his money.

This event has never been all about winning. Other things which caught the eye tonight:

  • Doc Gerhard Boonstra made his debut and broke the course record for slowest transition.
  • Dave Hope beat his daughter for the first time in years. This was ample compensation for his narrow failure to beat me in the highly contested “race for 85th place” in the Tokio triathlon last Sunday.
  • Dean Minors continues to hold the edge over Tim Sousa. There’s no truth in the rumour that Tim is planning to put tacks in Dean’s running shoes next week. It’ll be his bike shoes.
  • Rebecca Harrison and Laura Hope, who may have been the first competitors ever to finish this race holding hands.

All that said, our star of the week was without doubt Janet Harrison. Helping when it’s no hassle is great, but helping when you’re really tired and don’t feel like it is one better. Thank you, Janet, for keeping our athletes safe, once again, at the bike turn. Thank you also to Tammy Ingham for helping me at the finish, and–as always–to the many people who pitched in to help set up and break down.

See you soon–


200m swim/8km bike/2km run  

Position    Time        Name
1                26:39        Nick Pilgrim
2                26:50        Otis Ingham
3                26:56        Tim Palmer
4                27:34        Ben Lau
5                27:42        Kim McIvor
6                28:05        Charles Leonard
7                29:00        Lindsey Palmer
8                29:56        Gerhard Boonstra
9                30:20        Trent Harris
10              30:20        Kamryn Minors
11              30:42        Zoe Roberts
12              30:44        Cyprian Zimacki
13              30:58        Meredith Head
14              31:26        Dean Minors
15              32:13        Liz Stewart
16              32:34        Jennie Lightbourne
17              32:42        Aaron Cannonier
18              33:11        Joseph Lam
19              33:25        Carol Dixon
20              34:28        Tim Sousa
21              34:30        Kaylin Davy
22              34:34        Sam Naude
23              34:54        Dave Hope
24              35:07        Lara Rogers
25              37:01        Judith Howe Tucker
26              37:02        Donnie Francis
27=            37:52        Rebecca Harrison
27=            37:52        Laura Hope
29              39:47        Paul McLeod

100m swim/5.6km bike/1km run 
1        20:02        Blake Oliveira
2        20:11        Cathie Oliveira

Other distances
Too fast to time!         Ian Pilgrim    200m swim/5.6km bike/no run
Honorable mention     Jane Hope    Cycled until her chain got stuck!

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