Bermuda Triathlon Association - Argo Re Summer Series – 11 September 2014

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If this season of Argo Re Summer Series triathlons has to end soon, at least it’s going out with a bang. For the second week in a row, we enjoyed virtually perfect conditions.

Romar Douglas was this week’s winner. Romar has been there or thereabouts a number of times, but I think this is the first time he’s finished first. Well done! Otis Ingham–as usual–finished near the top, this time in a strong second place. In third was Charlie Duffy in an excellent time of 27:45.

Sharon Hammond was, again, our leading lady. Sharon originally took part in these events to shepherd her sons Rudi and Lois, then very young, around the course. She’s spread her wings since they no longer need a guardian athlete (can I mix any more metaphors?) and Sharon now competes capably at Ironman 70.3 distances. Laura Hope continued her recent improvement, finishing in second place in 30:16. She’ll crack the 30 minute mark soon. Strong running Lynsey Palmer returned to claim third place.

A big thank you to Janet Harrison for coming to act as bike marshal even though her daughter was not here to take part; to Marie Taylor for placing the swim buoy and to Maria Alvarez for collecting it; to Phil Heaney for ensuring that the number of swimmers exiting the water approximated the number getting in; to Tim Palmer for helping me to do the timing; and to everyone else who pitched in to help.

Other stuff to mention:

  • Don’t forget that there is great footage of last week’s event in the triathlon section of
  • Ian Pilgrim was leading after the swim and bike legs but decided to take a nap during the run leg. He stirred himself occasionally to urge everyone else to run hard.
  • Otis Ingham has worked out how to make his swim leg nearly as fast as his run. He runs for most of it, in shallow water.
  • Thankfully Charlie Duffy didn’t bring the long blonde wig he was seen dancing in on Saturday.
  • On a more serious note, Kirstie Jones deserves a medal for her improvement around the bike turns. Well done. See–cones don’t bite.

And the results were…

    Time    Name

200m swim/3laps bike/2 laps run 
1    26:14    Romar Douglas
2    26:23    Otis Ingham
3    27:45    Charlie Duffy
4    28:01    Gerhard Boonstra
5    28:15    Sharon Hammond
6    28:39    James Dodgson
7    29:12    Aaron Cannonier
8    29:23    Jeffrey Tyrrell
9    29:26    Rudi Hammond
10    30:16    Laura Hope
11    31:13    Caleb Ingham
12    31:15    Eddie Fisher
13    31:24    Lynsey Palmer
14    32:30    Marie Taylor
15    34:06    David Hope
16    34:29    Louis Hammond
17    34:44    Nancy Stevens
18    36:58    Kirstie Jones
19    38:09    Judith Howe Tucker

100m swim/2 laps bike/1 lap run  

19:49    Kai’Jun SimonsOther distances
17:40    Ian Pilgrim    200m swim/3 km bike/no run
23:43    Nick Pilgrim    200m swim/3 km bike/1 km run
24:14    Megan Hands    200m swim/2 km bike/1 km run
31:52    Joanna Heaney    200m swim/3 km bike/1 km run
35:10    Lucrecia Ming    200m swim/2 km bike/1 km run

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