Bermuda Triathlon Association - Argo Re Summer Series–10 September 2015

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Ben Lau was kind enough to direct the Argo Re Summer Series “super sprint” held on 10 September 2015 at Clearwater. Thank you!

Ben also provided this helpful report afterwards:

The waters were slightly choppy at the beach… and it was hot and humid, as usual, for this time of year.  Not a bad number of entries this Thursday despite it being the first week of school for the kids.

Chris Hands (23.51) says that his broken toe has healed pretty well.  This showed in his performance.  He and Neil de Ste Croix (23.52) were neck and neck for most of the race until the young Chris Hands pulled ahead by a fraction in the last bit of the exciting foot race to be first with Neil right on his shoes for second.  Veteran and athlete supreme Kent Richardson was third even though he might be just a tad handicapped with those huge mountain bike wheels.

Vivienne Lochhead (28.41) was the first lady in followed by Claire McDevitt (29.24) who was second, while Laura Law (30.49) was third.  The first junior in for the full mini-sprint distance was Tommy Marshall (28.05).  Congratulations to Marie-Sophie Brackstone for completing her first Triathlon!

Thanks to Mark Zuill and Judy Marshall for their help with registration and name tracking,.. and to Isabelle Brackstone who next time as a new comer volunteer will be shown properly where to stand for the green cone turn around.  Special thanks to Kent Richardson who came out over the weekend and help to chop down some of the undergrowth for the run portion that was getting out of hand.

Well done one and all–and thanks, Ben.Full Race
1    23.51    Hands    Chris
2    23.52    de Ste Croix    Neil
3    25.56    Richardson    Kent
4    27.22    Palmer    Tim
5    27.46    Boonstra    Gerhard
6    28.05    Marshall    Tommy
7    28.11    Edness    Sergio
8    28.39    Souter    David
9    28.41    Lochhead    Vivienne
10    29.12    Hammond    Richard
11    29.22    Pilgrim    Nick
12    29.24    McDevitt    Claire
13    29.29    Hope    Dave
14    29.35    Robinson    Keith
15    30.44    Tyrell    Jeff
16    30.49    Law    Laura
17    31.19    Hammond    Rudi
18    32.56    Harris    Elizabeth
19    33.21    Hope    Laura
20    33.25    Rogers    Lara
21    33.52    Hands    Megan
22    34.06    White    Diana
23    37.45    Jones    Kirsty
24    38.26    Trott    Shannon
25    41.3    Smith    LitanyaOther Distances
21.54    Marshall    Jessie    No Run
22.45    Pilgrim    Ian    Full distances, except only 1 lap run
29.38    Harrison    Rebecca    1 Lap Run
31.13    Brackstone    Marie-Sophie    1 Lap Bike    1 Lap Run

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