Bermuda Triathlon Association - Argo Re Summer Series–10 July 2014

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Tonight’s Super Sprint was anything but plain sailing–at least for the organisers. Half way to the event, one of my car tyres exploded, along a busy stretch of North Shore Road and in the midst of rush hour traffic. I pulled into the nearest driveway, only to realise that it was a sharp downslope. Not the ideal place to change a tyre.

Realising I’d be late, I phoned my frequent partner-in-crime in arranging these events, Ian Pilgrim, asking if he could grab my BTA shed keys and head to Clearwater. “Not easily, my friend”, he said, with characteristic understatement. “My airplane has just pulled up to the terminal in Charlotte.”
I changed my tyre, nervously but in record time. The car didn’t fall on me. Just. I arrived at Clearwater very late, of course, but found a miracle: Dawn Johnson–a fellow BTA committee member–had come to do the event, armed with her keys for the, ahem, BTA World Headquarters. Realising that something had delayed me, “Saint” Dawn had opened up and the athletes had most of the set up arranged by the time I arrived. Thank you!
I wasn’t the only organiser to have “fun” this time. Jennie Lightbourne kindly kept folks safe at the bike turn. She had a traumatic moment when someone on a motorbike decided to overtake cyclists, realised he had too little room…and promptly fell off. The driver declined all help, apparently to avoid being asked “too many questions” (presumably including “have you been drinking, sir”) and disappeared, hopefully uninjured. Not the easiest debut for Jennie as a marshal!
The troubles came in threes. When I got home, armed with the results, I had no internet connectivity so couldn’t post them. (At least I didn’t have to read government briefing documents on my phone, like my wife.)
In between all of this, the small matter of a race did eventually take place, with a large field including 47 finishers. We had another first time winner, Maritz Theron, ahead of Jonnie Betts. Otis Ingham claimed his habitual spot on our (invisible) podium, claiming third place. He was so excited that he left his running shoes at the shed. Again. An honourable mention–and welcome back!–to Craig Rothwell in fourth. Craig and his sister Rachael have been doing the Super Sprints for almost as long as I have.
Sharon Hammond again won the ladies’ race, showing the benefits of her training for 70.3 races. In second was Zoe Roberts, who came sooooo close to beating 30 minutes–and will soon. Lea Butterfield flew back from Switzerland just for the race (well, there may have been a few other reasons) and finished third. Hopefully her daughter Emma, who watched, was impressed.
In the shorter race, Louis Hammond showed that he is a chip off the old block, emulating his Mum by finishing first. Megan Hands was the first girl home–not for the first time.
NB that two professional photographers came along to this week’s event. Earl Basden was there. Earl runs the great website, which has awesome coverage of triathlon and many other Bermuda sports. I’d guess there’ll be some great footage on Earl’s website soon. In addition, Tony Bean of was there–please email Tony on [email protected] if you want to see and possibly buy photos of your race.
A big thank you to Dawn, to Jennie, to Barb McPhee for helping me with the timing–and to others who helped with the swim marker buoy, writing up the entries etc. Much appreciated! Finally, thanks to Debbie Norman, who evidently sized up my stress levels and handed me a beer as soon as the last athlete crossed the finish line.
Other notable stuff:
  • Well done to Rudi Hammond. Unlike other Hammonds (see above) he may not have finished first, but he posted a pretty rapid time for his age in the long event.
  • Well done also to Aaron Cannonier. If my memory is correct (rarely!) he broke 30 minutes for the first time, and very handily at that.
  • Dave Hope also seems to be suddenly getting better at these races, despite having done them since virtually the start. Could it be because his wife Jane is rapidly getting used to doing the shorter race and will soon provide some family competition in the longer race?
  • Lost and Found: someone left a blue bag with swim stuff outside the hut. I’ve locked it inside, on the lost and found shelving in the room on the right. Barb McPhee, I also have your water bottle and will return it when I see you.
  • A hint to some cyclists: quite a few of you still try to go around the turns with your foot nearest to the cone down. Please don’t; it’s safer to keep the “inside” pedal up, so that it doesn’t catch the ground.
Apologies if any of the following results, or your name, are wrong. Please feel welcome to let me know on [email protected].
See you next week–
200m swim/8km bike/2km run
No.     Time Name
125:07Maritz Theron
225:33Jonnie Betts
326:31Otis Ingham
426:54Craig Rothwell
527:28Romar Douglas
627:46Sharon Hammond
728:49Jeffrey Tyrrell
829:03Rudi Hammond
929:06Aaron Cannonier
1030:02Zoe Roberts
1130:12Lea Butterfield
1230:37Cathie Oliveira
1332:15Roberto Sousa
1433:04Deborah Pharaoh-Williams
1533:26Tilly Norman
1633:34Dave Hope
1734:02Usseff Eve
1834:04Nancy Stevens
1934:30Tim Sousa
2035:08Team Betts (Frances/Connie/Flora)
2135:28Beverly McPhee
2235:33Donnie Francis
2335:42Joanna Heaney
2436:48Tracy Burgess
2536:50Dawn Johnson
2636:50Kaylin Davy
2736:51Richard Marriott
2841:20Litanya Smith
100m swim/5.6km bike/1km run
119:48Louis Hammond
220:31Megan Hands
320:53Marie Taylor
422:09Patrick Quinn
524:53Cameron Pollett
624:55Kirsty Pollett
724:57Linda Pollett
825:48Lyndon Quinn
925:54Logan Butterfield
1026:29Carolyn Dutton
1136:50Shirlae Taylor
Other distances
18:26Rory Pollett100m swim/2.8km bike/1km run
20:07Blake Oliveira200m swim/5.6m bike/1km run
20:07Adrian McPhee200m swim/5.6m bike/1km run
31:17Jane Hope100m swim/5.6m bike/2km run
32:12Eddie NormanBits and pieces, according to his Mum!
35:23Freddrae Taylor100m swim/2.8km bike/1km run

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